Friday off, a big BIG post

black dress

This lady looked great yesterday evening.
Too much? I don't know.

guy on the train

I could have sworn that was Woody Allen on the train.

guy ontrain

Couldn't be.


Gorgeous. Outfit. Hair. Shoes.


Short -






I lovelovelove long dresses and skirts but I can't really wear them. Too short.

The absolute cutest, best-dressed commuter was this little girl.



My stealthy photo skills were put to the test getting those pictures.

new bench

HA HA HA! Look at this new bench on my front porch, PAOLA!


You can make customized messages with the Okay Go video if you watch it on Chrome.
You follow?


Dinner required some shopping.


Tempted by beets, I bought radishes instead.


Tea, anyone?


Paola said…
The lengths: interesting

The kid: awesome.

The bench: it fits just fine! Ohhh.

Why comment so late? Just back from dinner at Buca on the beach ...
Liz said…
Love all the photos, especially the white carpis/pants one.
Mary said…
The little girl is dressed the way Margot dresses herself.
Scot said…
The lady in the black with white polka dots looks fine BUT how many innocent Muppets had to die to make that purse?

Hey, my secret password is persp!
KPB said…
I do believe that is the most of you I have ever seen. I'm quite breathless.
Anonymous said…
J'adore your bench.
And the latest tea scoop note.
And the little girl.
Like you, I am also too short to pull off long and too modest to pull of very short.
That first photo--am I the only one struck by the huge tan line across that woman's cleavage?
Poppy B. said…
Did someone buy the little bird a new bench? Very nice!
Hilary said…
You are so brave with your picture taking skills. I always want to try, but end up chickening out, figuring for sure that I will be caught...
robiewankenobie said…
it would not have been too much had it not been for that tan line. holy crow.

p.s. sometimes you can find maxi dresses in the children's section that are classy enough for ladies. not that i'm short enough to have done that. ::cough::