ten things I love

I'm a closet Belgian Waffle reader. It's a meme.

Those pretzels with peanut butter in them. 
Not just any pretzels with peanut butter in them but, I'm sorry to admit, the ones from Trader Joe's. Is there an apostrophe in there? Don't know. The ironic thing about it is that I dislike Trader Joe's, but these have a decent balance of pretzel and peanut and salt. Actually, they could use a teensy bit more salt.

The pharmacy/drugstore/apothecary 
Buying shampoo, nail files, looking at pain relieving patches and gels...I love it. If nothing befalls me whilst traveling (which is rare) I still search for a reason to visit a drugstore.

The shower after the beach
I'm sorry. Is this too obvious? Sometimes I walk around the house "doing things" to delay the pleasure of it.

My god, I am in love with McSweeney's.

Railroad email alerts
I receive four or five railroad email alerts a day. They notify me of problems on my train line which I appreciate as there are vast and varied situations which can effect my commute such as: switching problems, disabled trains, disabled trains in the tunnels, passengers needing medical assistance, police activity, unauthorized persons on the tracks, and a new one last week, no power west of my station.
These notices are sometimes disjointed in structure, may have typos, and are always followed up (even if it is a day later) by a notice that reads: The system is now running on or close to schedule.

Aluminum foil
Must I explain?

My new hair color
But not the cut, dear god, not the cut.

Le Mans
I hadn't given it much thought until Middle was involved in a broadcast. Fascinating.

Klondike (Solitaire) on my iPhone
Completely addicted. During my commute.

Beats headphones
Completely addicted. During my commute.


Anonymous said…
I must thank you for Belgian Waffle and redfox, to whom the former led me. Just when I decide I spend too much time reading blogs and must cut some, I find more that demand to be read. Sad, really.
Paola said…
DItto Kmkat!
And YUM those pretzels ...
Hilary said…
I am with you with the shower after the beach... But, if you want to take it to the next level, after the shower going back down to the beach all cleaned up, with a bottle of wine... HEAVEN!