seen last weekend

I'm not going to lie. I spent a lot of time with my laptop last weekend.
I know you want to see what I saw.

I had to write two posts, one for the office (Father's Day gifts) and one for BlogHer (Etsy vs eBay)(I'll try to let you know when the BlogHer piece runs) and ended up doing a lot of uploading and linking. You know how it is.
Somewhere along the line I stumbled upon this:

The Bedouin Scarf from AllSaints. Coincidentally, a friend at work told me, on the down low, that AllSaints isn't doing well in my part of the world. Over-extended. Watch for sales, she said, and so I shall.

I've joined The Foundary and seen lots of great stuff. Like this:

Screen shot 2011-05-27 at 11.26.45 AM

I love little drawers and that's a decent savings (on something I'm never going to purchase). I have bought some gifts at The Foundary and been quite pleased.

I was busy pinning...


and other people were liking my pins.


Worlds MAY collide!
A blogger dear to my heart may visit!

a to b

Let us say no more lest the plan is jinxed!

Middle and I debated the authenticity of the old man twitter thread (he's been told it works like google) which brought us to the whole monkey theorem thing.

monkey theorem

Oldest has been busy...but let's think on him this week as he's working outdoors.


Remind me to freeze some water bottles for him on Wednesday night, okay?

He could be roasting! Like a potato in sea salt!


(We do this. It's great!)

Say it with me!


XOJane is full of great stuff.

There's a container of Meyer lemon juice in our freezer, K.


Just sayin.


Pretty, yes?
Beats me!


Have you seen the new Design Sponge? Better than ever!

All right. I have a Dickens of a week ahead of me. (Dickens?)

Talk soon.


KPB said…
We jinxed it. Pitch died in the arse today. *sniff*
Crazy Mom! said…
It's been above 90 for a week here. We're dyin' I tell you, dyin'.

Hope this is a better week, not of the Dickens kind.

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...."
Darn! Crazy Mom beat me to it...will your week be the best of times and the worst of times?
Paola said…
How bad is it that I looked at that map and instanty knew where it is.

I entered Pinterest the other afternoon for teh first time. Go tout a FEW hours later ...

Seems prettty HOT.
Hilary said…
As Paola said, how bad is it that I looked at that map and can instantly pinpoint where my office is? :)
Miz S said…
I will think about Oldest on Thursday. Don't forget those water bottles tonight!