reading list

Copy Cat Chic - Arden's mom thrills me every time she shows me a $1500 console and its $300 twin.

The Shiny Grocery is compiled by a favorite co-worker of mine who has impeccable taste.

Speaking of co-workers - another is sailing to New Zealand.

I work on the sixth floor too...but not at the Times.

Rachel's characters are so compelling, the tension is palpable, I'm nearly done with The Eve Tree.


Great links - thanks!
Crazy Mom! said…
One of the 6th floor gang has the exact unusual name as my grandfather. Unfortunately, he's no relation.

Fun links!

Hope your neighbor is ok after the car incident, and Oldest is coping.
Paola said…
The links you hand us ... !
Anonymous said…
Ahhhh, more links from my favorite linker.
Andrew said…
Thank you for the mention, blackbird! I feel so honored to be a favorite co-worker!