pictures for Monday too

We watched Hollywood Ending the other night. It was okay.
The punch-line of the movie was great.
Watching some Woody Allen is like comfort food: even if it isn't all that good it kind of feels like home. At least that's the way it is for me.

woody allen

My dad always called Annie Hall The Movie With The Lobsters.


K's shoes post bike ride.
K does five or ten mile bike rides all summer to stay fit. He also does sit-ups. I'm a lucky girl.
He knows all kinds of sailor knots too.
It's just one of the many things about him that turns me on.


These are my new party shoes. I may re-label them Shoes Of Death as I am still feeling their effects days later. (I have a bit of a cankle in this photo, don't I? Strange as I do not have cankles IRL.)
They are tall, you see and though they have a platform they are still a little rough on the feet. I was doing okay the first couple of hours I wore them and then a friend at work was very kind and gave me a set of those gel cushions that fit under the ball of the foot. What I didn't realize was, the cushion raised the ball of my right foot, pressing my instep against the strap until my toes were numb.
They are still a little numb. I have a sexy sandal injury!


How gorgeous is this sleeve?
The woman who sits across the hall from me (two days a week) has the most wonderful clothes. She doesn't shop often but only buys the very best things. (We should each take a hint from that - though her budget is very different than mine.) This blouse is from Calypso and was tied just so when she bought it. She's got great flair. You should see her boots.


I went to an evening event last week in the very same room where my cousin's wedding party was. I have such nice memories of that evening.

This shoe is Christian Louboutin's Salsborg 120, but I think it should be called Poppy.
Oh, Poppy... I miss you.


Unknown said…
Oh, I *love* the party Shoes of Death! I've learned to get shoes like that half a size larger, so there's room for a cuhioned insole insert that won't smash my toes or instep the way you mentioned.

I was thinking about you today: I went downtown to return a few things to ON, and apparently an All Saints has opened right across the street! I went in and looked around briefly, noting that there was much to love, none of which I could currently (if ever) afford. You were absolutely with me in spirit, though. Especially at the shoe section.
Crazy Mom! said…
Those Louboutin shoes would be the death of me for sure. The shoes O' Death would be too.

What's happened to Poppy? Teenager overdose?
Scot - ny keyboard is still dying said…
woody allen is my go-to guy when i need a good laugh. i know it has more to do with my east coast sensibility than my twisted sense of humor. love and death is still on my top 5 favorites list.

that's a great ceiling...wonder how they clean that...
Paola said…
Exactly ... where are you Poppy?!

Those Louboutins ... SIGH ...
Duyvken said…
Love the rope shirt links... wonder if I could work something up like that for myself? And yes differing budgets do result in differing wardrobes. One of my sisters-in-law only buys the very best with some cheap and cheerful basics but her 'cheap and cheerful' is the stuff I only buy if and when it is on sale and even then only sometimes. I've been pregnant for so long I've forgotten how to put things together. I need some tutorials for sure!
I love her bracelet and the hem on her skirt/dress? too.
Your uncomfortable sandals are beautiful and well-worth the pain, imo. I must show you the shoes I wore to the school dinner recently. I felt fabulous!
And I love the pic of K's shoes - that's my favourite photo you've posted for a while, thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
I like all of those pictures, but the ceiling from the party is divine.
And I love how you appreciate K.
And women who shop WELL rather than often.
Scot - caps lock works said…
Upom further unspection I have a question.
Ok, K, how do you get the bow through the last loop at the bottom of the shoe? can you still keep the laces tight? is there a reason you do this?

my word verication is catrings...that's a bit odd.
Poppy B. said…
Oh dear Lord in Heaven, those shoes!

Yes, I've been suffering from teenager overdose.

Could the answer be ... shoe therapy???