open questions

Respond if you like.

1. American candy bars vs. UK candy bars, state your preference. How could so many of us hold Cadbury chocolate so dear whilst crowds of English people seek out Hershey's which, frankly, is brown wax, IMO.

2. Do you believe The Manolo is a man? I've actually had one-on-one email conversations with him in which he asserts he is and I'm still not sure I believe it. Doesn't matter. I luff him.

3. Several (okay, a couple) of blog friends have been dealing with the frightening truth of how much crappe most of us have. I've realized, of late, that we don't need any new crappe - though we could replace some old crappe with better functioning crappe (like a new tv). Where do you stand?

4. Could I live with only four tee shirts?

5. Interested in where brother B is?  Latitude: 50.43982   Longitude:-126.01434 

If I remember correctly, he comes "off water" on my birthday.


Amy A. said…
I bet the English like Hershey's because they enjoyed them from US soldiers during WWII. Just my guess, though.
L.P. said…
1. I can't answer this as I'm too busy stuffing my face with Belgian chocolate.

2. I'm with you: Doesn't matter. I luff him, too.

3. Definitely too much crappe. Don't need any new crappe, but replacing olde crappe with better functioning crappe is ok.

4. You're a better woman than I if you can.

5. Cool!
Ali said…
Much as I love many things American, your chocolate is definitely NOT one of them. Grainy. Eww.
Mary said…
I tried a Hershey's Bar a few months ago and had to spit it out - with all due respect.

You would fall about laughing if you saw my house and I told you I had decluttered. Because I have but somehow it still looks....cluttered.
Suse said…
I think non-Americans seek out Hersheys because they hear about it on tv and in the movies. Once they actually find and taste it they go back to European chocolate :)

I've been pondering the never ending quest for more STUFF to lately. And the never ending being online instead of inlife.
1. Brit
2. Man
3. better but fewer pieces of
4. including T's
5. Amazing!!
KPB said…
1. Hershey's has that weird waxy chalky texture that is weirdly addictive, until you realise you're about to hurl. It's a fleeting obsession.

2. Who?

3. I am in the grip of a fairly substantial daydream about basically taking our entire life out onto the nature strip for council clean up and NOT starting again. Bare essentials people bare essentials.

4. I just read that post - inspiring.

5. I would be doing that w/ your brother IN A HEARTBEAT.
Anonymous said…
5. I recognize that coastline!

Paola said…
1. Only Swiss chocolate for me.
2. Whatevah, I got very Gaga lately.
3. The never endind decluttering project.
4. See no.3
5. You have an AMAZING family.
Unknown said…
1. No candy bars, but I never met a potato chip I didn't like.

2. I don't know who the Manolo is.

3. I have too much crappe. I have gotten rid of a lot of it since we moved, but there's still too much.

4. I could live with only four tees.
zephyr said…
i don't think Cabury is good chocolate. Grew up with Hershey's and occasionally accept "with almonds" when offered. LOVE the dark choc/mint Kisses. The dark Belgian from Trader Joe's is my absolute fave. Love Scharffen Berger, too.

don't know who Manolo is and resisted clicking on link to find out.

Way too much crappe in the world. Proud to say i jettisoned a ton of mine--finally--though i do have more to shed.

No. i could not live with only 4 tees. i love opening my tees drawer and seeing all the colors and trying to make up my mind which one to wear today. Take me forever to choose when packing for a trip.
zephyr said…
i couldn't stand it.
Just clicked that link.
i'm so not with it.
Haven't had chocolate in a year..except for the 3 choc chips I tossed on my sugar-free ice cream last week. *sigh*

We got rid of 50% of the crappe in our closets last week. 3 trips to Goodwill and 2 trips to the dumpster.
The Coffee Lady said…
Galaxy chocolate. Cadbury's is okay, but... also I'm not one of those people who can survive on one tiny square of 70% cocoa. The freaks.
Sharon said…
Got some good chocolate at Ikea last week...