it's Wednesday

It's really really warm over here.
K caved today and put the air conditioners in the bedroom windows. The forecast for tomorrow is 99F.
Have no fear, the bird boys will now not be working outdoors. I thank you (collectively) for your concern.
I have a big day tomorrow and, really, all I can tell you is this: I'm going to wear a dress from AllSaints and I need a jar.
It could be this one, or this one, I don't know. It's going to be a long day, though, and I'll tell you all about it later.
I'm kind of wanting these baskets for my fridge. Thoughts?
Youngest gave me this link yesterday and I still haven't watched it.
Any idea why I kept this link open for two days? I'd be interested in hearing your opinion.
This one too. I keep meaning to listen to it and have not. Is it good?
We are seeing this this weekend or next. Soon. I am waiting patiently.
This made my day. I had been browsing swimsuits on the internet and feeling like a whale.
I was pretty sure guys never look at themselves and dissect their body types.
It's nearly Thursday.


Crazy Mom! said…
Love Maira Kalman's work. She makes me feel so GOOD.
Mary said…
I'm liking those baskets very much.

Very much.

Will see if I can find similar at Kmart here.

For example I hate my mustard jars getting mixed up with the jams..and they are always mixed up.

So now I am inspired. When I will get round to doing something with the inspiration is another thing altogether.
I thought you might have the Sharon Taylor link open to investigate it as a soiree venue. Then I looked at the contact info and it said Springfield MO.
Shot that theory to hell.

That fridge with the baskets made my little OCD heart sing Oohhhhh!
L.P. said…
I fell hard for the second set of apothecary jars if for no other reason than the "Vintage Hungarian" label. Call me an easy mark.

And jealous-- no, green with envy, over your going to the Maira Kalman exhibit. Read this review by Cathleen Schine just this morning:
Paola said…
Swimsuit season.
Hilary said…
Good thing K caved... 99 is crazy for June. My husband wanted to put the air on last night, and it is at least 10 degrees cooler by the ocean than inland....(actually yesterday there was a 15 degree drop from my office to my house at the end of the day... it was wild!
RW said…
I want some Vintage Hungarian Jars.

Oh. The Kalman exhibit. You are very fortunate.

It is not hot here.
Susie Sunshine said…
I love that we've been on the very beach in the article!

My husband is going to be in your town today. If you see a tall guy with blue eyes and a Michigan accent having a heat stroke, it's him.

Good luck with your mysterious thing! (It's not panhandling is it? WTF do you need the jar for?!)
eurolush said…
I've seen your Allsaints bag full, pst sale, in person. You have spectacular taste. I envy it.
zephyr said…
i finally found and will very likely purchase a suit like the olden days...well, almost. It's a one piece that goes to mid-thigh with a tank-type top. Yes, sorta like the Olympic swimmers (i tell myself) only not as squishy/sleek. i consider this my good deed toward all humankind within site of me.

No one really looks at me anymore anyway. Except if i'm in a suit. And then it's cause i'm scary.
blackbird said…
I'd love to see that swimsuit!
I DEFINITELY think you should use the baskets!
I am adoring your blog--you are so funny and I like funny.
HUGS from SC,
Anonymous said…
Loved the poem. I think I'm with you on the baskets, if only because they seem like they'd be a lot easier to clean than the entire fridge. But I'm pretty sure the residents at my house would disregard my heart-felt wish to organize the fridge.