goings on, in photos

special meeting

We had a special meeting at work. It was fascinating. And there was free pizza.


Didn't you want to see the bodega where I buy my candles?


K made me a clothesline. I am very happy.


Unsalted chips? Crazy.


We got new copiers at work last week and I wrote a post about it for the company blog. That would be our very pretty Art Director snuggling up to a new color copier/printer.


Middle has turned on our swag.


My favorite way to spend a weekend morning.


This = This


We are proud.


We have ants.
We have tried: spray, baking soda, lavender, more spray, ant traps, borax. Any ideas?


Magnum vs Haagen Dazs vs Dove. Which is the better bar? Well, we are experimenting.
Oldest says the best chocolate is on the Magnum but the best ice cream is Haagen Dazs.


Piperlime sends me daily emails. This, they say, should be my summer outfit. I have to tell you, even when I was young enough to wear this as an outfit, I never wore anything like this.


Shinny said…
For the ants try cornmeal. I sprinkle it in the areas of highest concentration. They take it home to share with their friends and family and they all blow up. With a 3 year old that is pretty much all we can use at our house for the ants. Though I do have some ant traps tucked in spots that the girl child can't get to. Good luck. I hate those darn bugs.
NorahS said…
For ants I have heard to use cinnamon.
Christy said…
Vinegar works great for hard floors. Just mop with it and as long as it smells, the ants stay away. Of course then you have to smell it too.
raych said…
Your art director, I want her dress. Also her shiny hair. I will probably need the belt, too.
Paola said…
How wonderful is sun drying clothes? And pretty to look at too.
Lovely art director indeed.
Ants? I see you got a few suggestions already.
SWAG Middle
L.P. said…
Ah, life can be good sometimes, no?

No suggestions about the ants-- the ants here in the PacNW must be wimps, as the traps have worked pretty well so far.
Ginnie said…
Yea for the clothesline! And the new law! But not for the ants. We get them every May, and the ant traps work but I have to leave them out for about a month before the ants stop coming.
Anonymous said…
Your new copier reminds me of the one Jane Fonda used in 9 to 5. It's huge~gloriously so. I hope it's easier to use than hers was.


blackdogramona said…
I have had some luck with black pepper, just the cheap kind, no grinder needed. Also boric acid has helped. Good luck! Ants suck!
Scot said…
I don't know about ants in the Tuv, but Coloradoan ants HATE talcum powder. They will not cross a talc line. Not baby powder, I made that mistake once. It smelled nice but didn't work.
I'm happy for people who want to get married and now can. It certainly doesn't effect me, HOWEVER, what do we call that now?
Empire Rainbow Building?
Rainbow State Building?
Whatever we call it, I've never seen it look better.
Scot said…
By the way, screw Magnum vs Haagen Dazs vs Dove. Try Starbucks
Mocha Ice Cream Bar. SO GOOD, seems sinful.
Anonymous said…
I was so pleased to see that NY passed that law. I am visiting #1 Son in NYC right now; at dinner he explained to me what a good job Cuomo did backstage in getting it passed.

I don't know if it was coincidence or what, but Minneapolis lit up the I-35W bridge (the new one, that replaced the one that fell down a couple years ago) that same way on Friday night -- it was planned in advance.
kt said…
potato chips that are unsalted shall not be allowed to label themselves as potato chips but must now call themselves simply dry potato slices.
KPB said…
We live near the beach w/ sandy soil. Apparently this gives permission to ants to try and take over our house on any given day regardless of the weather. We have ants in the shower. THE SHOWER! I thought ants hated water!!!

Forget any of that natural shit. We have a product here called Ant-Rid. it's the only thing. You can buy it in baits or liquid.
Ann said…
Vinegar works a little while, as does cinnamon. Mainly they have their own timeline in mind and all of the sudden one day they just all go away. Happens the same way every time. Ours even march right past delectable crumbs, so it isn't food they're after.
blackbird said…
And, honestly, I don't want to tempt fate, but they don't seem to want to eat our food. They are just AROUND.
The Coffee Lady said…
I like Magnums, but the last mouthful always seems to taste like soap.