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Ketchikan to Pt. Higgins - 10
Pt. Higgins crossing to Caamano pt. - 11.5
Caamano to Niblack pt. - 7
Niblack pt. to Three islands - 11.5
Three islands to Emerald Bay (stopping in Meyers Chuck) -21
Emerald Bay to Change Island - 9
Change Island to Found Island - 12
Found island to Nemo pt. - 18
Nemo Pt to Wrangell - 13
Wrangell to Coney Island - 22
Coney island to Petersburg - 13.5
Petersburg to Dry bay - 19
Dry Bay to Cape Fanshaw - 22.5
Cape Fanshaw to Church Pt (?) - 28
Church Pt. to Mole Harbor (?) - 25.5
Mole Harbor to Windfall Island (?) - 19
Windfall island to Oliver Inlet (?) - 17
Oliver Inlet to Juneau Alaska - 21
Juneau Alaska to Auke Bay - 15
Auke Bay to Circle Island -16
Circle island to Point Bridget - 12
Pt. Bridget to Pt Sherman - 13
Pt. Sherman to Eldrid rock - 13
Eldrid Rock to Haines Alaska - 24
Haines Alaska to Skagway Alaska - 16

The route, if you're interested.

My string of choice:


His twitter feed, should you feel so inclined. (I love that he treated someone with chest pain on the ferry and got free lunch.)


The prayer flags.

We receive SPOT Tracker email pings daily to monitor his progress.


Paola said…
What an amazing journey ... and I had to look up for prayer flags.
You teach me so much, thank you.
I'm not a Twitter but please do tell him how inspiring it is what he does.
RW said…
You have mentioned prayers flags many times and I too, finally looked them up. I see the need to fly some later this summer. Thanks.

For everything.