but let's not dwell

It has been one hell of a week. And it's still only Saturday morning. K is out on a bike ride and he'll probably get poison ivy.
I feel the need to list it:

Two cars hit, whilst parked, by other cars, in a matter of hours. The owners of the cars that hit ours seem to be taking full responsibility for the damages incurred.

One sewer line clogged. Now unclogged by the competent and relatively inexpensive plumber.

One friend who received a bad diagnosis, one friend who is struggling with her continuing illness. (Prayers for both of them.)

There are minor things too...I was "thrown under the bus" (as they say in business-speak) by someone at work and am working on my recovery, I am anxious about a trip Middle is taking (it is of my own making, he'll be fine), I am still not well and have been given a fifth medicine (perhaps I'll close the comments now).

The tissue holder in the upstairs lav fell off the wall.
I mean, really.
(Yes, yes...we are grateful to have even one lav...especially as we had no running water on Monday.)

My hair has fallen into some kind of unmanageable phase and the texture of is has so changed (since I had The Genius strip it of its color) that I am learning my way but often resemble a gray haired six-year-old.

Are you laughing? You should be as I have drifted off into the realm of the ridiculous when I should be worrying for the ill friends, though that's a waste of energy too, isn't it?
Ah. Well. Stupid stuff.
I'm off to clip my hair up and do some housework.

Did I mention my allergies? Awful.