and where, you may or may not wonder, is my outdoor adventurer brother?

He's on his way to paddle for a few weeks in Alaska.
He's driving cross-country with his sea-kayak on the roof, camping along the way.
He blogged the entire prep process for the trip. Months of food weighing and space planning and chart and map and weather work. There were, originally, to be 20 or 25 people traveling with him. They've all backed out. Fortunately (though he doesn't mind traveling alone) a former colleague decided, at the last minute, to join him in Alaska and do the expedition with him. His wife will meet him when he comes in off the water and they'll drive home together.
A great relief to those of us in his family.
I have complete confidence in his skills (he has great experience) but can't help but think on him as he goes. He has prepared for every eventuality and will be sending pings when he hits the water, to track his location. I've explained all this to my mom who will fret for the next month and a half. I had answers for each of her fears save one.
What if a bear eats the ping-er?
We are flying our Tibetan prayer flags.
Today is his birthday.


zephyr said…
Oh. my.
i've always been jealous of people like your brother. Until i realize it means so much physical exertion.
Crazy Mom! said…
Happy birthday, bro. And be safe!
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blackbird said…
No names!
Anonymous said…
Your poor mom! The worrying never stops for a mother, does it?

Anonymous said…
I bet he lives without ANY regrets, doesn't he?
Scot said…
Damn! When your brother wants to get away from it all, he dosen't fuck around, does he?
Good for him. Oh to be that young again. I'm jealous.
Also, Tibetan prayer cool is that? I think I had some of those in my last life. Take a picture for us.
So the Dali LLama goes into a pizza joint...

My secret password is iroust
Anonymous said…
Oh, to lead such an adventure filled life! I do admire your brother and his skills, and wish him a safe and magnificent trip.


Miz S said…
Sounds like a blast, although just a tad over the top for a wuss like me.Yay for the former colleague who joined up. All of us former girl scouts know that the buddy system is the best way to go.