You know, I'm tempted to drop the titles too, now that I no longer tag my posts.
Tagging posts is all about web placement and such. I have no interest.
(Excepting, of course, when I do posts at BlogHer.)

Yesterday, at work, three of us had a conversation about drowning and the Happy Bunny experiment.
I've tried to find a link to this information (the gist of which was that one feels euphoria when drowning) but I'm afraid the results were not conclusive. And I don't talk about stuff like drowning (though I did in the office as I had a drowning scare once at the very same time that a woman further down the beach was drowning).
We went on, in the afternoon, to try to solve a problem which may only be solved by traveling to Chicago, of all places!

I've had my hair cut. For those keeping track (you cannot possibly be serious) I had it stripped of its color on St. Patrick's Day (which was handy as I had a beer during the process) and have not had it cut since earlier in March. As it has a heavy line of white in it now, my previous Anna Wintour haircut was not working as well. Smooth and sleek only highlighted the line of, uh, highlights. And so, The Hair Genius and I decided to layer it up.

hair cut

Like this.
I luff it.
(I could write a piece about how comfortable I am in my own, slightly crepe-y looking, skin at this age, because I am, but I'm not. Writing it. Today.)

I have been fortunate enough to have received Rae's book and I'll be reading it and telling you all about it soon. Must force myself to not play Klondike on the train and to READ.
I've also recently read Ms. Lancaster's first foray into fiction which is adorable, and funny and wonderful, as you may well imagine. I had a burger with Ms. Lancaster last week and would brag about how much I love her but can plainly see (she had just done an appearance) that everyone loves her. She is quite loveable.

New love?


Gifted by a neighbor who employs Oldest.
Oldest? He is quite well and adorable. (What? Wasn't he always? Well...Oldest went through some shite too but has pressed forward with our unconditional support and is, well, wonderful.)

Last night, Middle had VIP entrance to a club in town and brought Youngest (both adore DJ/club music) to his first ever such event. They returned at 4:00. I suppose there will be some sleeping-in today.

And so, it seems, the planets are aligned here in Tuvalu. K could always use another work project, but we are humming along.


Glad to hear things are humming along and the boys are doing well.
CC Kid is ecstatic as he finally got a full-time paying gig at the KungFu school.

I am a year behind on reading Jen's books. I just finished My Fair Lazy. She cracks me up!
Paola said…
I just squealed.
Rae's book ... you must report ... I really do LOVE her writing.

That cut?

RW said…
How did I not know of Journey Mama before this moment. Thank you.

oh. and the hair cut - super fantastic. I like it very much.
Unknown said…
I imagine that new haircut is simply stunning on you.

Glad things are humming along. My life currently requires kazoo accompaniment.
L.P. said…
Love the haircut-- looks beautifully suited to, uh, "highlights".

Suzanne, what a great comment about life requiring kazoo accompaniment. That about sums it up.

(p.s. blackbird, I am your pinterest fan aka LBPalmer)
blackbird said…
KPB said…
Hair? fantastic
A drink? Called soak 'n bitcha? How awesome. Although by rights it should contain alcohol.
I (used to) often dream of drowning. That is perverse isn't it.
I can't read Journey Mama, it makes me feel so inadequate in my life.
and Ms Lancaster? That woman is as prolific as she is talented.
Anonymous said…
Yes, we who have raised children into teenagers and eventually into quasi-adults (and survived the experience more or less intact) are all well-acquainted with the periods of shite that they go through. Happily, most of them come out the other side as good people.
Rae said…
I am horrified at Kim's comment. Apparently I am not getting the chaos and poor parenting across properly.

However, I am so glad you got the book! And privileged to be a scheduled part of your infamous train rides. (Even if Klondike has to go on hold...)
The Coffee Lady said…
Unless you do the tagging like Badger used to, which always cracked me up.
Anonymous said…
J'adore the hair. Cannot wait to read the Lancaster novel. Glad to know your tribe is well.