where and what and who

I've been so busy.
I know you've heard it all before but I am particularly busy. And when I'm not busy I'm reclining!
I've been attending an Industry Event at which I've stood up (STOOD ON MY FEET, PEOPLE) for two whole days. But it was a very nice Event and I loved being there.
And, do you know who I met there? Well, lots of people, actually, but ALSO Raych.
I need to tell you that Raych is, without a doubt, one of the most adorable people ON EARTH (her sister is pretty cute too) and her adorableness is only eclipsed by her stupendous enthusiasm. Raych is busy eating her way across the city while she attends the Event and I'm hoping she writes about it as it's quite a list of food she's put away. It was a thrill to meet her and I was sorry to not have more time to hear about her adventures.
Raych is right too, it's hot like summer here but I'm fine as I've a new hot-for-summer haircut.
It's true, I'm not Anna Wintoured anymore and my grey is growing in nicely.

Our neighbor brought me some new tea. He has a herbal remedy business and attends Industry Events of his own and often brings me treats that are being given away at the shows. This time it was this

and I like it very much. Once again, though, I fear I've fallen for a beverage that isn't easy to procure. In the meantime, I've been drinking water. Imagine? I hate water.

Have you ever seen Doc Martin? We've seen a few episodes are liking it. It's certainly less stressful than House. I can't watch stressful things before bed, okay?

I'm back at the office tomorrow, thankfully. I wouldn't mind sitting at my desk for a while.
This week marks the beginning of Summer Fridays. It's very civilized...the office closes at one o'clock.
So, even though it's Wednesday night, it feels like it's nearly the weekend.

Two last things: I am two chapters in to Journey Mama's novel which flows like water. I'll tell you more about it when I'm further in but I can say I love it.

Okay. What about this? Have you seen this?


Unknown said…
Love it! Will be re-posting on FB in a matter of moments...

Enjoy reclining!
Liz said…
HAHAH... Love the video.
Scot said…
Wait a second, wait a second. Didn't I tell you about Doc Martin MONTHS ago?
It is such a great show. One of my top 5 favorite BBC shows. I'm totally enchanted by Louisa. You can get all 4 - ONLY 4, WTF? - seasons on Netflix.
Here's a couple of freaky tidbits.
Martin Clunes is actually a nice looking young man, not the way he looks as the Doc AT ALL.
His character is from the movie Saving Grace where he played a pot smoking, party boy/playboy named Dr. Martin Bamford. Craig Fergusen, the late night tv host wrote and starred in Saving Grace, he also wrote a few episodes of Doc Martin.
Martin Clunes was also in my all time favorite movie, Shakespeare in Love as Richard Burbage.
zephyr said…
Doc Martin is fun. Enjoyed it immensely. Especially since it was shot on location (i'm getting very tired of Hollywood still trying to convince us that Southern Cal is Virginia, or wherever) and i could live on that coast, looking over that sea for the rest of my life.

Netflix. The only way to get to see all the episodes.
RW said…
I liked this update. And the link. It is definitely not HOT here. No sun till Sunday. It is bleak.
Anonymous said…
OOOOH...that's an evil little girl!
I have loved Doc Martin for years. We have all the seasons on DVD and D and I have watched them through TWICE.
Can't wait to read The Eve Tree in it's final form!
Crazy Mom! said…
Love Doc Martin. It's the best!

Did you see Holmes at The Event?
Anonymous said…
I love Raych and read her book-blog often!
Also, I saw that tea at my local Japanese market--do you have an Asian market near you? I find they are good for all sorts of teas and other delicious liquids. (I am a sucker for Asian markets and just can't drive by them. Good thing I live in a largely Japanese area.)
Suse said…
I like Doc Martin, mostly for the Cornwall location I think. Interestingly, the pilot was a movie and his character was a gentle soul who'd fled to Cornwall when he discovered his wife was cheating on him. When the actual series started we were quite surprised to find he had changed and was quite unpleasant, and there was no cheating wife anywhere. Most confusing.

Martin Clunes is wonderful though. Remember him as Burbage in Shakespeare in Love?
raych said…
WE LOVED MEETING YOU SO MUCH! And I love your hair. I would never have guessed it was a new cut because I can't imagine you with anything else. We were so distressed when you weren't there on Thursday, we wanted a picture with you! Next time...
Cate said…
Thank you SO MUCH for the pointer to Doc Martin -- somehow we'd never heard of it (or therefore seen it) before.

The town with the slip into the water is also where the movie Saving Grace was filmed. I recognized it right off.