what I wore

They've redesigned the Sunday magazine, adding some things I like very much, deleting some things I didn't care much about and, I think, distilling the content.
Anyway, I have a love/hate relationship with this page and thought I'd try my hand.

When not doing laundry and cruising the aisles of her local supermarket, Blackbird is The Executive Assistant to the CEO and President and occasionally works on food drives sponsored by the Post Office.

Wednesday, April 27th
After the doctor requested that I remain home and "get some rest" K and I went to one of my favorite stores where I purchased hook and eye closures. I was wearing black leggings and that Flax linen top I bought on eBay with my Hunter Wellingtons as it was pouring. I think Hunter has cured the blooming issue they had with their boots as I've noticed the newer boots don't turn grey the way mine have. After I was home I switched into my Camper Wabi hemp clogs. Then I took a rest.

Thursday, April 28th
A hellish day at work - after I traipsed around the neighborhood fetching pastries and juice for a morning meeting, we were stood up. No morning meeting! Then a film crew invaded to shoot my boss for a documentary. This required propping his office for the shot. I wore my long white linen shirt dress with a black belt, leggings and my Frye engineer boots. The belt got uncomfortable after a few hours and I removed it. Co-workers referred to me as Doctor for the rest of the day.

Friday, April 29th
I stumbled around from the bedroom to the basement in search of my five year old Old Navy jeans only to discover they were damp and in the hamper. I threw on my JCrew Minnie pants which are missing part of their hook/eye closure (see 4/27) and noticed they were slightly snug. I'm looking forward to K returning to work as he tends to feed me too well. I put a grey long-sleeved ON tee over my camisole and strapped on my platform sandals with socks - it's not that warm out. At work I spent lots of time putting the office back together and dealing with catered lunch and then met K downstairs, rode the train together and had a breezy scooter ride home.

I think you get the picture.


NorahS said…

And my word verification is banter. ha!
Paola said…
Who ate all the pastries?

I could never pull the socks and sandal look.

Anonymous said…
Love this. Your version is much better; less pretentious.

I always want to do the InStyle magazine's "What's in Your Makeup Bag" with me or my friends. And I don't even wear that much makeup.

Happy Day after Mother's Day.


Anonymous said…
I'd read yours over the original any day--more attainable and more to like!
Mine would be more like: She prepared the Dill Crusted Salmon and Fresh Florida Corn On The Cob while wearing a pair of knit shorts and a size XXX grey T-shirt with Winnie The Pooh on the front. Her feet were bare.

Yours is SO much more stylish!