Thursday Evening

With thanks to Alice, who inspires me.


Tonight I am grateful for:

Text messages from Youngest, as he moves through his day, recounting triumphs and tragedies.

Half an hour gabbing with a newly friended co-worker.

An interestingly coincidental meeting on the train.

A lavender oil foot rub from my very dear K.

And then he fixed my iPhone!

Watching Globe Trekker.

The office closing at one tomorrow and Monday off.

Friends like Alice.


L.P. said…
Very, very nice!
Mary said…
bless you and Alice.
alice c said…
Perhaps America is not such a very long way away after all.

Rest up, bb.
Anonymous said…
So this is the 4th time I type this as Blogger won't aknowledge me anymore.

Beauty, love, family, relax, friedship.
All packed in a few lines.
You adn Alice sure know how to play with words and pictures.
Paola (back to being anon, sorry)
Anonymous said…

NOthign was supposed to be fried ...
RW said…
enjoy your weekend
will work on my own grateful list.
zephyr said…
Ahhhh, yes. Love a good foot rub.
Hope you have a wonderfully restorative weekend.
Suse said…
Friedship sounds like a good thing Paola.

How lovely that your office closes early on a Friday. I wonder if I could instigate that rule here? Have a restorative long weekend.
Anonymous said…
I always enjoy a good thankful post.