things for spring

I haven't put the winter clothes away yet and I'm not buying a thing, but that doesn't mean I'm not LOOKING. All. The. Time.

Strangely, I have, of late, been admiring frocks in colors!

Though, of course, I cannot imagine wearing them.

Look! A print.
A good way to work some color into my uniform, I thought, might be a scarf. My friend C returned from Paris a couple of weeks ago with a beautiful oblong scarf and got me thinking.

I saw lots of tasseled scarves in Holland, fyi.

As soon as I'm done with this post I am standing up and trying this knot with a square scarf.

I'm still pining for a very long black skirt...

and shoes. I can never stop looking at shoes...


kkc135 said…
I want the wrought iron dress form!
Anonymous said…
Guess what. Google account doesn't work anymore.
So, yeah, it's me back to anon.
Colour ... I'm flabbergasted ... but until I see you wearing it, I won't believe it.
Love the last pair of sandals and the dresses.
I'm already in my summer dresses here.
scot - caps lock works said…
It's been SNOWING - on and off - for the last 5 days here! I acually had to wear my gloves this morning. Nothing major, just cold and dreary...
I'm not even thinking about spring yet. I would like one of those Palastinian-looking scarves though.

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