summer Fridays are wasted on me

I got out at one o'clock today, which made my work day feel odd.
There wasn't a train for 45 minutes so I walked more leisurely to the station. I stopped at American Apparel even though I've promised myself never to buy anything there. It's a horrible store and the merchandise could not appear more poorly made. I'm looking for some kind of very gauzy patterned (I know!) scarf to wear this summer.
My train didn't get me home until nearly three o'clock and I remembered that summer Fridays are wasted on me. Do I go home and do housework? Lounge around? Do I stay in town (where it's usually very warm, which I don't like) (and full of tourists)(not fond of that either)?
There are a few other things I forgot about summer in town, most noticeably the smell. My city gets funky in the summer and I always forget about it. More homeless people come out too and join the aforementioned tourists (who walk too slowly).
Of course there are things I like, like seeing people in fabulous outfits rather than outerwear, and those wee little grape tomatoes rolled around in salt (I'm not implying the tomatoes are out on the street, just that they are part of the summer) and my mom's Summer Dip.
This weekend we'll watch Youngest march in a parade and we'll probably have some pulled pork and K and I will have our first trip to the beach.
For now, I've decided on the lounging around option.


Unknown said…
I was just thinking that I envied your summer Fridays .... I vote for lounging.
Anonymous said…
Then you don't want to go to town with me ...
I look like an idiot when I am there, trying to breather in EVERYTHING, nose up in the air, stuck to the windows, eyes wide open, sometimes mouth too!

Yeah ... I love THE town!

And I vote for lounging too.

Hilary said…
I have never worked anywhere that does summer Fridays... But, I do get to work from home most fridays (ear round)so I guess I can't complain :) Enjoy the beach.. the fog is finally lifting...