some good stuff

Can't keep things too serious you know.
Especially after surviving The Rapture.

I was just watching some Drunk Kitchen.

And this made me feel so happy. Thanks LB.

Have a good Sunday, will ya?


Crazy Mom! said…
Huh. I wasn't raptured either. And I'm a good church go-er. Guess I wasn't good enough.

Love the dancing
KPB said…
That dancing made me dizzy.

And is that Drunk cooking thing legit? What the?
Scot said…
I am habing a good Sunday so, back at ya... just makes me laugh.

MY Word Verification IS hazing
Anonymous said…
Just a note to allconsuming - hope it is not a tumour because brain cancer is not funny.
Anonymous said…
How have I never seen Drunk Kitchen before?
I am like her when I go clothes shopping--just horribly obnoxious--yet usually sober.