May 17th

Our special days are all sevens and seventeens.
Today is Youngest's birthday.
He is seventeen.

Youngest by Middle

Let's see if I can come up with 17 things about Youngest.

1. He has the darkest eyes I've ever seen. He was born with blackbrown eyes and we were amazed.
2. He's dark all the way around, actually, and he can have dark moods too.
3. But he's also the most enthusiastic person I've ever met.
4. He works hard for his good grades at school.
5. K was hoping for a baby in the middle of May - hence, Youngest.
6. He has a sweet-tooth.
7. He has overcome physical adversity without ever making an issue of it.
8. He's developed a wonderful sense of humor.
9. He loves all things Japanese.
10. He has beautiful long fingers and is terrible about clipping his nails.
11. Youngest is a gamer.
12. But he enjoys free-running too so I don't worry so much about all the computer time.
13. He is too terribly serious about things.
14. He has a distinct taste in music.
15. We can hardly believe that he doesn't care much for cheese.
16. He will be a tender, good-natured, loving spouse.
17. The four of us are continuously proud of him.

Turns out, that wasn't hard at all.
Happy Day, Dear Youngest. I'm looking forward to your cake tonight!


Duyvken said…
Lovely! Happy birthday Youngest.
I always wanted a May baby too...
Jennifer said…
Happy Birthday Youngest :)
Mary said…
Happy Birthday Youngest..

although I am astounded at how fast the past four years of reading here have gone..
KPB said…
yay for Youngest! When we (finally) enjoy Felix's choc-almond fudge cake we shall have a piece for you!
Rae said…
I can barely believe he's seventeen either! Happy birthday, Youngest!
Kathy said…
Happy birthday, Youngest!! And yeah, wasn't he just TWELVE? Where did THOSE years go?

Anyhoodles, I hope he has a special day!

And my WVW is "inked". OMG. No tattoos for you, young man! Not for another year, at least.
Susie Sunshine said…
Happy Birthday!!

I love your magic tricks, rock band drumming prowess, and that you willing live like a refugee in the backyard when your gaggle of internet aunties come to visit.

Suse said…
Happy birthday Youngest :)

Jen on the Edge said…
Happy birthday to Youngest and to you all. I can hardly believe he's 17; it seems like just yesterday you were talking about his 13th birthday.
zephyr said…
Happy Birthday Youngest and Very Special Boy!!
RW said…
happy birthday.
me too, astonished at the number 17.
enjoy the day. and the cake.
Crazy Mom! said…
I hope this is a wonderful year for Youngest - he sounds like a great person. My own youngest (Moe) is very special to me....

Happy Birthday!
NorahS said…
Happy Birthday to Youngest! Last the best, and all that?
ssheers said…
Happy Birthday to Youngest !!
Anonymous said…
Many happy returns to your Youngest! Your list was a nice tribute.
Brigindo said…
Happy Birthday Youngest. I can't believe he's 17 already.
Good grief - 17! Happy Birthday!!
Anonymous said…
Have a wonderful birthday, Youngest. Glad you were born!

Nice job, bb and K. About number 16, especially. I think that's a tremendous accomplishment.

Paola said…
From one Taurus to another ...
Tanti auguri Youngest!
Each year I can't but be stunned at the fact that you were born 2 days before I met my future husband and I was celebrating my own birthday ...
Enjoy that cake later.
Unknown said…
Happy birthday, Youngest! Congratulations on successfully completing yet *another* trip around the sun! Well done and keep up the good work! Looking forward to hearing more about your exploits and adventures in the many years to come.
Wendy said…
Have a fantastic day, youngest! It does seem like yesterday that bird was writing about your coming of age service.
Terese said…
Happy Birthday, may you live to see 100 more!!
The Coffee Lady said…
Good choice of birthday, that. Mr Coffee would have shared that cake.
Scot - caps lock works said…
Iknow, I know, I'm late but I've been very busy.

Hope your day went well.
Did you know you share your birthday with Trent Reznor?
Very cool indeed.

Uhmm, why a baby in the middle of May, is there some significance?
Caterina said…
Happy Birthday Youngest! And happy to your mom too.
Anonymous said…
I am very very late to the party, so I will wish you a wonderful year ahead of adventures and accomplishments, Dear Youngest!