I've gotten myself a nice crispy sunburn

I think it happens once a year. Either I forget the sunblock entirely, thinking I won't be out long enough, or I miss a spot. This time it was thinking it was too early in the day and I was partly under the umbrella and I kept turning and I had my shirt on, part of the time. Doesn't matter.
It's an odd burn too. My stomach, just inside my elbows, two big stripes diagonally across my neck, and the back of one leg. I had sunblock on my face but, apparently, not the very tip of my nose.
Still, there's nothing I love more than the shower after the beach.

I'm about one third through Rae's book and can't stop! I cannot stop. There is a tension building in the story that has me transfixed. Perhaps that's why I didn't reach for and apply sunblock to my arms?
No. I can't blame Rae, who, btw, emailed me whilst I was on the beach reading her book. Isn't that interesting? I am even more fascinated with Rae's life now. She travels the world with her little tribe and has written this absorbing novel? Fascinating. She also has the most beautiful family in the entire world.

There are two cures for sunburn, you know.
And Sangria.

I'd never lie.


Anonymous said…
I think social services will get mad if I give my sons sangria for their sunburns...
Tracey said…
Sangria is a cure for many many things, including a boring sunny afternoon.
Anonymous said…
The anticipation for Rae's book is constantly growing and between you adn Eleanor are making me crazy. I want one, but I checked Amazon.co.uk and they don't have it yet and I never read a book online so I am not keen on trying that.
Anonymous said…
OY, now I've got to get used to being anon again.
It's me up here, Paola