it's not like I haven't posted

I just haven't posted here.
I wrote a post for our new corporate blog (and been assigned my posting dates for the next couple of months), I've been introduced to my new editor at BlogHer and written a post for her (black two-piece bathing suits) and I made a powerpoint at work all by myself.
I was out of the office for a couple of days this week and have a new medicine (in addition to the three I'm already taking) that makes me a little fuzzy/tired. But I've just cleaned Youngest's room a bit (as a reward for enduring the College Entrance exam this morning) and the downstairs linen closet.

K is out back building a jet pack.

in progress

It's for a commercial.


In other news: I played this brilliant word


and won Words With Friends!

I won

AND broke 400 points!

Finally, I am completely addicted to this:

Who'd have thought?


Crayon said…
And you also win Word Least Likely to Show Up in a Blog Post: jet pack.
Paola said…
Busy bee.
Happy Day.
Jet pack?!?
I can barely see but I believe I detect slightly longer hair on K. Seems really nice from what I can see.
Anonymous said…
A homemade jet pack? That sounds intriguing.

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