If only I could blame blogger for my absence.
But the truth of it is I've just been very very busy!
And I'm still jockeying around with medicines and dealing with not feeling 100% vs being
But none of that matters!
K has found us three little movies from our trip.
I know you want to see them.

A catchy tune, no?

Even catchier, yes?

Such beauty. Such narration!

I'll try to catch you up more tomorrow.
Tonight I'm tired.


Mary said…
Oh my word it did look as though you were going to drive right up to the windmill on water!
tracy said…
OMG - you have an American accent! I mean, of course you do. But you really have. When I read you, I read you with an Australian accent. Well, I'll have to go back and re-read everything now.
Paola said…
I've got my issues here as well, have switched to another round of medicines after a 2 month one.
You're not alone.
And I'm VERY tired.
But the tunes shook me up.
Unknown said…
Fun videos from your trip!

I posted a tour of the San Juan house and dog wading in the bay on FB because I just can't be bothered to blog about my boring, empty life, for the time being.

I hope your medication issues get worked out swiftly and you find a modicum of balance.