I think it's planetary

You know the planets are all lined up. Or something. I can't remember the configuration right now but K knows it. He did, briefly suggest that we rise at four in the morning to see it but I need my sleep.
The sunburn is kind of bad, even a day later. Two big swatches across my neck and my chest. I'm doing my level best to apply all manner of treatments as I have, of late, been whining that I'm getting "old lady skin" (do your best to imagine it), and I'm sure it will feel better tomorrow.

Anyway, it's quite warm here and we went, this morning, to see Youngest march in the parade. He played and marched past and I had a little cry (parades sometimes make me misty what with the veterans and all) (or it may well be hormones) (or the planets) and then we went down to the town bandshell. They raised the flag and did a rifle salute and played taps and Youngest had a solo playing To The Color and I just wept. A mom I know from town put her arm round me and said: you must be so proud, which is true, but the other half is just that I'm a little bit of a mess too. He's such a good kid. Anyway, I won't go on.

We got home and started chores and I discovered a flood in the basement. The main sewage line from the house has a tendency to become overrun with roots. It took a number of hours for the plumber to arrive and not being able to use the water pretty much halted all household progress. (Though K did continue to smoke what was probably the very best pork shoulder ever.)

My mom arrived for dinner, we all sat and laughed and made sewer-line jokes when our beloved neighbor appeared to say that his dinner guests had backed into my mom's car. They were the nicest people and all will be made right as quickly as possible, but I have to say...well, I have to say that I think it's planetary.


Anonymous said…
Ah, tree roots in the sewer pipe -- we had that periodically in our Mpls house. Such is life with a maple tree in the neighbor's front yard.

Did you ever tell us Youngest was a trumpeter? One of my high school boyfriends was a trumpeter -- wow, can they kiss! (Sorry, that is probably something a mom doesn't care to think about.)
Mary said…
Aaah the planets. (Or hormones). That would explain my vague, irritable, out of sorts mood at the moment.

Bless that Youngest.
Anonymous said…
How lovely! (the parade and solo. NOT the sunburn and car smashing, ooops)
Anonymous said…
I'm so sad about the sunburn and the sewage--I have a sunburn on my back and OUCH. But smoked pork shoulder and a proud mama moment do compensate, don't they?
Anonymous said…
From one mess to another, I feel you, bb.

L.P. said…
Oh, no! Things *have* to get better after a weekend like that, don't they?

And good kids do make up for a lot of the crap we face in life...
Anonymous said…
best ever after-sunburn treatment has to be an aloe vera mist/spray.

cooling and gentle on the skin.

life here has also been full of weirdness since the last full moon, so i am with you on the planetary theory.

Anonymous said…
It's definitely the planets.

I could use a good cry.