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I'm home for a couple of days - lots of time to browse around the internet.
Thank you to d.Sharp Journal for this:

Fascinating, no? I never gave marionettes much thought, though I do love to watch people busy at their craft.

Filed under: Isn't It A Lovely Thing? Jen has sent me real paper catalogues from her visit, in England, to Toast. Perfect for a lazy day. (And I've missed wishing her a Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday, Jen!)
I have fallen in love with this robe. This dressing gown. This bathrobe.

I suspect that Toast, for me, is what Anthropologie is for my Australian friends. Unattainable, yes?
Perhaps the next time I am "flush" I shall propose a trade: an item of your choice from Anthro in exchange for one of my choice from Toast.
Don't worry. You have oodles of time to think on it as I am not foreseeing "flush" in my near future.

I like these curtains, I thought I'd mention. I still need to do a de-crappify on certain rooms in my house. Remind me later, okay? Last weekend I put away all the winter things. Been busy is my point.

We have a table like this

in our living room. I think I should do something similar.

And these. I like these.


Jen on the Edge said…
I'm glad you like the catalogs. I wish you could have seen the store. (And now I truly regret not taking photos while I was in there.)

The robe is lovely.

I covet those blue glass bottles/jugs.
Paola said…
You have no idea of how many bottles like those haev been thrown away during over the years from many homes. My mom has a few, remember the one in her kitchen?
Nice robe, especially the colour.
Duyvken said…
I love those glass bottles, they are so beautiful! I've seen them made into lamps and I covet them... big time.
And I love those shoes, so comfy looking.
NorahS said…
Love the shoes. And the glass bottles.
Unknown said…
Wow, that marionette maker is amazing! Drafting and woodworking and carving and sewing--I wish I was half as talented at even one of his skills.

I'm still coveting the sagey olive dress from the previous post.

WV: refule--what I'll be doing on San Juan Island this weekend :)
Anonymous said…
Love the shoes--and the marionette--though the music on that video really gave me the creeps.
Rae said…
The bottles on the table are lovely. And the shoes would look great on you. (This I am guessing, from all the bits and pieces.)