words and pictures

I'm in a fog!
Noon does, indeed, feel like six pm and I'm sleeping the sleep of the dead.
I'm nearly done sorting and arranging and am acutely aware, having spent the week in an empty house (furniture and cooking utensils only), that we must de-crappify our home. I'm going to make it a mission just as soon as I'm acclimated. You are my witness.


Easter is a nice time to see The Netherlands. Things are blooming.


Leffe wins as favorite beer. Both double and triple. I no longer know what that means. Triple is dark?


The market. Where? Don't know. Goes, Delft or Middelburg.


Grammy and I were very tempted by the lace at the markets. Looking back, I'm glad I didn't buy any as it doesn't fit in my house. But we sent K back to get Grammy some for over her sink and the vendor was at lunch.


But we bought oilcloth! Meters and meters of it! Overwhelmed by the low price (it's costly here) and the availability, we miscalculated how much of it any one person could use. We are wealthy in oilcloth!
(We bought the blue Delft pattern and the postcard-looking pattern.)


The six of us arrived in Middelburg as I wanted to go to Hema and the boys disappeared. It was the first moment they sought time on their own.


Where were they? Upstairs eating lunch.


I went to the most wonderful housewares store there too. I wanted everything in the place and was wandering with my mouth hanging open. Youngest removed me.


Seashells in a window in the beautiful little town of Goes.


It truly was one of those places that seems unreal.


Jen said…
I like my Leffe blonde, personally. Love the oilcloths, I would have bought the same two.
Anonymous said…
Oilcloth! Score!
Paola said…
You're temting me with that Leffe ...
Unknown said…
Even with a sore throat, you exquisite eye for framing and composition prevails. I love seeing the world through your eyes... gorgeous photos! Feel better quickly! I think there is nothing wrong with lapsing into a coma-like sleep, as long as you're not at your desk!
alice c said…
So glad to know that you are safely back and have survived the excess cheese/ham/beer consumption.
Not going to be satisfied with oilcloth - hope that you have lots of pics of Dutch china??
Mary said…
Am feeling very happy now with your Dutch photos - as a photographer I dream of taking a photo like the last one with its perfect reflections..
Anonymous said…
I too am enchanted with that last shot. Also, with foreign housewares.

Duyvken said…
Beautiful! Thanks for taking us with you.
I think you are the first person I have ever met you has a wealth of oilcloth. At least your quirk is unique :-)
I loved every one of these photos.
I feel like I need strings of seashells in a window, or at least on a section of the screened porch.
Anonymous said…
I'd have gone giddy over the oilcloths too--what a delightful place.
Wendy said…
I know someone who would be able to make you a tote or lunchbag with your wealth! ;)