I never left the house. Truly. I never set foot outside my home. I waited, not so patiently, for the FedEx man to bring my Uniform Project dress, but more on that later.
Ask Genevieve is a great show, aside from the fact that Genevieve bothers me a little bit. The premise seems to be (I've only seen a few episodes. Or two, even.) that you ask Genevieve to make your space over.  And I don't think you pay for it! What a deal. She seems to only work in New York City and only on minuscule apartments and I love what she does with them. She is able to work just the right amount of Asian/Moroccan/French flair into the decor to suit me. Tonight she did a wonderful job in a home that could only have been 300 square feet. (I've looked for photos - there aren't any!)


Last weekend was the last fire in our fireplace for the season. (This is not our fireplace.) Now it's just a little too warm. I usually fill ours with rocks for the summer.

4-1 pinterest

Pinterest was upside down for April Fool's. It was adorable.


K was busy in the yard today, getting the barbecue ready, and then busy in the house making hot sauce. He's been inspired, I think, by our friend who created an award-winning wing sauce.


I read the paper.

with wine

We lined up the hot sauces.

hot sauces

K's and others.

on flank steak

We had them on steak and rice and chose our favorites and the doorbell rang just as we were laughing and gasping from the heat. It was the FedEx man with my dress.

original lbd

Too small! I've sent for a Medium. It's lovely, though.

ice cream

He made chocolate ice cream too, which left me wondering if I need a Large.

And this?

screen shot of the wall of death

This is The Wall Of Death! (With a lion in the sidecar.)


Anonymous said…
Lions in sidecars and mopeds--oh my!

My mouth is watering after reading this post.

Don't be afraid to have the Medium adjusted for you a bit by a tailor if the M is too big for you in places. My drycleaner offers alterations, so if you don't have a tailor, someone should be available. And I must ask. Is this a different dress than what you are looking for for the wedding?

Sharon said…
Oh! I loved the Wall of Death! When they'd snatch the dollar bills from your hand as you held it out over the edge... Also love the song by Richard Thompson, "Wall of Death", and I love all the open space in your kitchen. Much envy.
Anonymous said…
The Wall of Death looks terrifying.
Your day sounds so restful--and I'm glad the dress worked, even if you have to shift sizes. (I had a similar experience with ModCloth--I'm a small except THERE apparently.)
Paola said…
One of the BEST husbands I know.
Anonymous said…
My department's home page on our intranet was a mirror image of its usual self for April Fool's. All fine and good for most employees but I couldn't get into the site and spent half an hour on the phone with tech support (in India, of course). (And this is all when I have such a pile of work on my desk that I am working 60+ hr/wk even though I am contracted for 30.) Bah, humbug. April 18th cannot come fast enough...