royal random

I've had a brilliant week and have been very busy.

Five friends and I stayed the night in an expansive apartment, rose at 4am and watched the wedding!


There was tea...


Mimosas, scones...


tiaras and the television.

And, as one of our company departs for her own tiny wedding in Madrid next week -


a ring!

the ring

The girls bought E, our own bride, a princess engagement ring!


M explained everything to us. Our resident commentator. Here, she is, I believe, explaining the bridesmaids.

We trudged off to work together for a day of huge meetings, a bake off, and a party at the end of our long day.


groom's cake


Aren't those adorable? Cake pops! (Which we don't even want to SEE the recipe for, believe me.)

It was a beautiful wedding and I'm still reading all about it. My favorite piece? This one.

Hmm. Look at that. This didn't really turn out to be random at all.


Mary said…
woops - just lost in Slate - that is a good website to be introduced to..

and I loved every minute of the wedding, including the wonderful music
Anonymous said…
You did it well--cake and tiaras!