I also wore...

a black and white striped tee shirt dress, black leggings and boots.
My friend has had a pedometer sitting on her desk for a few weeks - a gift from her sister. I stared at it each morning and thought about it and then, today, I grabbed it and clipped it into my boot.
I walked 11,472 steps between 9:25am and 4:50pm. 10,000 steps equals something close to five miles and five miles is what a healthy, active person walks each day (I'm sure you appreciate my filling you in.).
Anyway, I had a great time logging my steps. I have always been curious.

Did I tell you my Little Black Dress was too small? I anxiously await a medium...AND I feel the need to point out that the LBD's are made according to measurements and MY measurements are someplace between a small and a large. Size 2 my foot, say I, in reference to Old Navy and their size system. My spring coat is a 10. It's from Anthropologie five years ago and, even if I consider that I've lost weight in the past five years, I still realize that I am not a size 2.
I'm done ranting now.

I had an email, last night, from a reader who has been lurking for four years. Bravo, lurkers! As Youngest pointed out, it's lurkers that boost our hits! My hits? Pretty much the same as always - but still.

Let's see...what else? I have an appointment tomorrow, during Survivor! Perhaps someone will fill me in? I wasn't even near the television last Wednesday night and, I must say, it was somewhat freeing.

Here I thought I had a whole post ready to spill out of my head.
Turns out I may have been wrong!


Anonymous said…
Good for you, former lurker! Join the fun in the comment section! bb, I remember back when I was a lurker here too. In fact, this was the first blog I ever found and started following. I got to "know" you by delving into the archives, and then finally mustered up the courage to email you. I was so thrilled when you emailed me back, welcoming me into the fold. It's a lovely place to be.

Anonymous said…
As someone who sells pedometers.... yeah, that's a little depressing..... most of the ones I am familiar with need to be on your hip. Putting it on your boot may kill your accuracy. Unless of course it says on it, clip to your boot. Just an FYI.
Crayon said…
Bah to vanity sizing! The bottoms get bigger but the tops get smaller! Like we're Weebles.

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