Begin forwarded message:

Date: April 6, 2011 10:09:01 AM EDT
Subject: Sent via Google Maps: k sent you: Driving directions to Koningin Wilhelminaplein 13 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Keukenhof Keukenhof 1 Lisse, Netherlands
1.    Head northeast on Loosterweg Noord toward Zwartelaan     1.4 km 
2.    Continue onto Veenenburgerlaan     1.8 km 
3.    Turn left at Van den Endelaan/N208 Continue to follow N208     4.4 km 
4.    Turn right at Bennebroekerlaan     550 m
5.    Turn left at Binnenweg     500 m
6.    Continue onto Glipperweg     800 m
7.    Continue onto Glipperdreef     1.4 km 
8.    Continue onto Valkenburgerlaan     300 m
9.    At the traffic circle, take the 1st exit onto Heemsteedse Dreef     140 m
10.    Turn right at Nicolaas Beetslaan     100 m
11.    Turn right at Bosboom Toussaintlaan Destination will be on the right     88 m
         Bosboom Toussaintlaan 29 Heemstede, The Netherlands

12.    Head southwest on Bosboom Toussaintlaan toward Valkenburgerlaan     130 m
13.    Turn right at Valkenburgerlaan     90 m
14.    At the traffic circle, take the 1st exit onto Heemsteedse Dreef     300 m
15.    Continue straight onto Wipperplein     55 m
16.    Turn right at Cruquiusweg/N201 Continue to follow N201     3.5 km 
17.    Turn left at Drie Merenweg     750 m
18.    Turn right at Drie Merenweg/N205 Continue to follow Drie Merenweg     6.0 km 
19.    Keep left at the fork, follow signs for A9/Amsterdam/Utrecht and merge onto A9     7.8 km 
20.    Take exit Den Haag-Knooppunt Badhoevedorp to merge onto A4/E19     4.1 km 
21.    Take exit Knooppunt De Nieuwe Meer for E22/A10 west toward Centrum/Zaanstad          /Leeuwarden/Ring Amsterdam (west)     1.0 km 

22.    Merge onto A10/E22     1.6 km 
23.    Exit onto Cornelis Lelylaan/s106 toward Oud-West     700 m
24.    Turn right toward Titus van Rijnstraat     16 m
25.    Take the 1st right onto Titus van Rijnstraat     250 m
26.    Turn left at Nachtwachtlaan     160 m
27.    Turn right to stay on Nachtwachtlaan     160 m
28.    At the traffic circle, take the 3rd exit onto Delflandlaan/Schipluidenlaan Continue to follow  Delflandlaan     140 m
29.    Continue straight onto Koningin Wilhelminaplein Destination will be on the left     110 m
Koningin Wilhelminaplein 13 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dear god, I hope I don't miss the exit for Den Haag-Knooppunt Badhoevedorp.


Paola said…
Who are you foolin. I can't believe you could have this kind of nuisance bugging you. Hello iPhone and apps!
And if worse comes to worst you'll end up down here. HE!
Eliane said…
Stop it already. I am homesick enough as it is.
marla said…
The trains are awesome - 25 minutes from Amsterdam to den Haag!
Ali said…
Because heaven help you if you need to stop and ASK where some of those places are.
Though thanks to my Dutch neighbours, I am fluent in useful phrases such as 'play nicely' 'no, don't do that' and 'do you want a drink?'
Eliane said…
And what's more, don't worry. You'll be in a world class traffic jam at knooppunt Badhoevedorp, plenty of time to read the signs.
Kathy said…
Good luck with that, yo.
Joan said…
I would recommend a GPS-- that you've programmed in English!
Anonymous said…
km, m...I woud need to brush up on my metric system. Am sort of a dunce about it.

this is sooo exciting!

Mary said…
As you know my father was Dutch. Four years ago we were in Holland ourselves - and travelled by train!

This might be one of the funniest posts I have seen on the net in ages!
They must use yardsticks (meter sticks?) for their street signs!
Anonymous said…
We loved keukenhoff and have been twice. Once by public transit and once driving our own car. Got lost both times, but still worth it. I think by car was easier than pub. transit though. Eiher way, Dutch isnt a quick language to pick up, huh?

Also, I recommend visiting on a weekday if at all possible. We went the second time on the weekend and it was so crowded we left after about half and hour. Weekday was much much better.
Unknown said…
I think my favorite part is the quick loop from Binnenweg onto Glipperweg onto Glipperdreef.
scot - in lower case said…
can i buy another vowel please/
Anonymous said…
Sheesh, I thought I stumbled onto a sales page for IKEA here for a moment.
I want to be in the car when one of you reads the directions to the driver.