counting down

Two: I have two health issues that are not significant but are aggravating. Or, maybe slightly significant but only in that they are not resolved and it's been a few months. We aren't discussing it further, okay?

Eleven: we leave for The Netherlands in eleven days.

Four: we have four wheeled suitcases (two borrowed).

Six: I have instructed each family member to pack six pairs of underwear.

Two: I have two lunch dates next week.

One hundred fourteen: or 111 or 121 or 133. I've weighed each amount in the last year according to scales in doctor's offices. I'm going with 118 because it's in the middle.

At Least Twenty Seven: how many times I've seen Ocean's Eleven. I'm watching it now.


eurolush said…
I like knowing we'll be closer in 11 days.
Paola said…
I've never seen Ocean's Eleven.
Should I?
Anonymous said…
Eleven! You must be itchy with excitement!
Paula said…
Oooh, The Netherlands! That is exciting! Have a lovely and safe trip.
Mary said…
You and my J on the around 27 times for Ocean's 11
Anonymous said…
Paola: Yes. Immediately. And then you'll love it so much you'll want to see it again. That will put you at 2 viewings, only 25 away from bb's record. And a little closer to mine, which is around 16.

bb: you are a slip of a thing! Rhett Butler could span your waist with his hands.


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