back to work!

I was happy to see an email from my boss yesterday. He didn't mean for me to deal with it on a Sunday but needed to mention some things about our week.  It helped me out of my jet-lag fog (is it really that? or a cold?) and got me to focus on work, where there are dozens of emails awaiting me.
Not complaining!

We've had a couple of meals featuring beef rather than beer and that's a nice change too.
I've given Youngest a practice college entrance exam, I've put away the 400 (est.) toiletries we brought with us and everyone has clean clothes for the week ahead.

I worked hard to stay up till ten last night as I have a date with a bunch of work friends to spend the night in town and watch the royal wedding early on Friday morning and I'm worried that I'll doze off. Then again, my new habit of waking at four could prove handy.

You've seen this, haven't you?

It was posted all over the place recently but, you know, I've been without internet.

When we went away we all spent time debating which coats to bring and not only was it quite warm in Holland but we returned to higher temperatures at home too. I think the coats can be put away and I'm glad about it. Turtlenecks too? I guess I know what I'm doing next weekend.


Birds are chirping and singing outside.


I'm off to work!


Paola said…
It's so weird that you're experiencing such a jet lag. I usually have it when I return to Europe, that's when it hits me bad.
Or probaly it's just because we're going back home after holidays ...
Those tulips are so nice in the green grass. Is that NL or Tuvalu?
Have a nice week back at work.
blackbird said…
That would be Holland!
Anonymous said…
Re-entry is always harsh. But you'll always have Holland.
Anonymous said…
I hadn't seen that video -- thanks. I started out watching Spike dance but soon started watching just his feet. What amazing control he has! I gasped when he did a pirouette, bent-kneed, on one corner of his foot.
Anonymous said…
I have been on jury duty and since I don't have a laptop, have not been keeping up. But hooray, you are home, and hooray, it seems like you had a very good trip. I'm glad you had all the boys together. Here's to more of that.