another week

It's always interesting, I'll tell you that. Never dull.

good outfit

I liked this guy's outfit, on the train this morning. Casual Friday.


It's early spring outside - cool, damp, a little gloomy. But, for one reason or another, there have been flowers in my office for the past couple of weeks. A co-worker taught me how to make daffodils giggle the other day.

baby clothes

I'm shopping for a baby gift for another co-worker. I love that part of my job - the corporate gift giving.


- Always looking at shoes.


Middle just got home. He's been busy shooting at a private race track.
Youngest walked in too. He's wearing zombie makeup and working stage crew.
Oldest is around somewhere. He's driving my mom and our hazardous waste materials to the town drop-off tomorrow. He'll bring my mom back.


Nice outfit, eh?

Whilst moving my hair toward this:
(cut, not color)

I may have lapsed slightly toward this:

Linda's hair

so I'm going to have a word with The Hair Genius next week. Still loving the color even with slightly higher daily maintenance, my roots are about half an inch long and pretty uniformly silver.

Layers, people. We'll be dressing in layers.


scot - in lower case - still said…
ok, i give up, how do you make daffodils giggle/
i've always just told them really dirty jokes...
Kathy said…
How to make daffodils what now?

You and I do not usually have the same taste in shoes, but those platform sandals? I LOVE. They would look much cuter on you, though. I have cankles.

And the haircut that you're moving toward INTENTIONALLY? I also love! I am going for something pretty close to that, myself. Unfortunately I still have anchorman hair.
Ginnie said…
Layers are a very smart idea. My husband is from the Netherlands - moved here when we got married. His older daughter lives in Zeeland, so we've had lots of lovely visits there. Hope you are planning to include the Deltaworks in your sightseeing - really fascinating. We got to see it on a warm sunny day (they do have them occasionally), which made it all the more spectacular. Hope you have a wonderful time.
RW said…
I too, love those sandals.
Anonymous said…
Great shoes! They look like they might possibly achieve that sought-after combination -- style AND comfort.

You need to give us all a lesson in daffodil giggling.
Paola said…
I'm laughing at your current hair look.
Sorry. I AM bad.
Hello sandals!
Miz S said…
Photo #6, VERY post-apocalyptic.
Duyvken said…
"he'll bring mom back"