and what of the Little Black Dress?

My re-entry has been hectic and I have two after-hours events this week at work, but I know you're wondering...did I wear the little black dress in Holland? How much?
The answer is yes, yes I DID.

dress cold day

The very first day started out kind of cold but our jackets were quickly abandoned.
Here's the LBD with a long sleeved tee shirt, leggings, a scarf and boots - and a coat.

black dress

Not quite believing our luck, I donned (and then ditched) a sweater on the second day. Worn with jeans and a black tee.


Don't we look like an album cover? Middle has great shots of the bunch of us (we were joined by cousins)looking like rock stars. Sorry, this is all you get of it.
LBD worn collarless, with tights and sneakers. I think I had a white scarf in my bag.


On the beach, just below the C'est La Vie pavillion. See me squinting? That's a $10.00 H&M dress under the LBD.

I wore the LBD last night to a semi-formalish work event with a long sleeved maxi dress under it and got lots of compliments.
I think I could probably wear it every day!


Amy A. said…
I want one. I love the glimpse of your new hair, too. Very cute.
robiewankenobie said…
Anonymous said…
I need you to dress me every day.
Unknown said…
Love it! I had no doubt you would add your personal flair to it, and I was right. Well done, bb!

WV: notin, as in I'm notin that there's notin wrong with the terrific outfits you pulled together.
Duyvken said…
Lovely! Perhaps you could help me put together an outfit for the boy's baptism on Sunday? nothing fits so I am going to buy something and I will have to use the time available between sporting fixtures tomorrow. I'll let you know how I get on.
Anonymous said…
1. You DO look like an album cover in that shot!
2. Love the dress.
3. Wish I had your style.
Paula said…
You look effortlessly chic as always, dear bb.
Anonymous said…
I so need to shop with you and Ashleigh (she's an amazing shopper and I'm certain you'd make a power team).
Miz S said…
I love the LBD and I WISH WISH WISH I knew how to dress myself.