and, truthfully, we are fine with The Dutch

We've had dinner with our friends J and E. E, you might remember, is Belgian, J, his wife, is Dutch, and, IN FACT, from the very part of Holland that K's mom is from.
I think I've explained this before as I know I've pointed out that J looks like she could be Youngest's mother (while I do NOT).
Anyway, a lovely evening during which we laughed and ate and E skillfully talked us out of Bruges for the day (longlonglong drive) and into seeing J's parents.
Most of the packing/arranging has been done and I am going to attempt wearing my LBD for as many days as possible - though not on the plane. It doesn't seem to lend itself to sleeping and I plan on sleeping.

Things I'm looking forward to:
the sea

Things I'm not looking forward to:
Dutch toilets
eel sandwiches
(J's best tip of the night: eat the eel sandwich sideways so the bones don't stick you.)

I think K has spoken to the cell phone service provider at least five times this weekend. We can text/we cannot text/people can call us/no one can call us/we have a data plan/we have no data plan. After explaining every option to me at least twice I actually cried.
Email me, won't you?


Suse said…
Ack! You MUST go to Bruges!
Joan said…
Not looking forward to Dutch toilets, I understand. But why would you be forced to eat an eel sandwich?

(smoked eel is rather nice, by the way)
Duyvken said…
but where you do stand on herring?
zephyr said…
Eel: Just. Say. No. Add "Thank You" if you can. Just the thought: ack.
Yes to those pancakes!! And the sea. And windmills. And maybe some Delftware?
Amy A. said…
I don't understand the toilet situation. You will just have to aim to miss the shelf thingy! Ha. Or if you are like most women who travel, you just won't have a number two until you get home. :)

It's too early in the morning for bathroom talk, isn't it?
MsCellania said…
Best tip ever: Start with a few sheets of tp ON the shelf. Then do the Business. I think you have it from there...
Ginnie said…
The flowers in Holland are also beautiful, and cut flowers are ridiculously inexpensive. And if you have time, see the Keukenhof - the most glorious park/gardens that are only open April and May. Gorgeous beds of all types of bulbs, banks of azaleas and rhododendrons, wandering streams with willows weeping over them. Really beautiful.
blackbird said…
We have a day at Keukenhof planned!
KPB said…
A shit shelf and eel all the one post. How ever do you do it?
Poppy B. said…
Here's some free, unsolicited advice based on my recent trip to Paris, where I had absolutely zero jet lag. On the day I flew to Paris, I had no caffeine after breakfast. I brought one of those neck pillows and a sleep mask on the plane with me. I drank one of those little airplane sized bottles of wine before dinner and a second one with dinner. Then I took a dose of Benadryl, put my earbuds in, donned the mask, and went to sleep. I was dimly aware of the breakfast cart trundling by, but decided to skip it and get the extra sleep instead.

I landed at 9:00 and was at a wine bar drinking wine and eating delicious pork products until 11:30 that night.

(Coming home is a different matter altogether, though--it's been five days and I'm still waking up early.)

BTW I wore the hell out of a pair of black knit Eileen Fisher pants. And my black Thierry Rabotin ballet slippers.

I'm so excited for you! You'll have so much fun!