all things black and beautiful

Two co-workers have had babies in the last week and it's my job to have a gift sent.

A burden I carry with ease.

I do wonder, though, at the way I am drawn to these outfits. I'm sure I've worn #12 and #14.

I tried on a down coat similar to this at Banana Republic a long time ago. I should have bought it. I still look for it.

But it's 80 degrees today and I'm admiring this.

Screen shot 2011-04-11 at 2.18.57 PM
(from Toast!)

I've been wracking my brain to come up with a coat for my trip.

Don't think about it. Too expensive.

I do this ALL THE TIME, with candles, and I never get the glass part right.

Look. It's Monday.


Anonymous said…
So many fascinating posts lately! I adore the baby things you have chosen. Babies can be hipsters too. : )

I can't believe you don't have a coat for your trip! And I also can't believe it's 80 degrees in Tuvalu! WTF, stop hogging all the degrees!!

scot - in lower case - still said…
it ony got up to about 50/55 degrees here today but rest assured, i'm admiring that also!!

thanks, jbhat for the !!
copy and paste, baby, copy and paste!!
Duyvken said…
Oh my! Divine.
Grey is my favourite colour on babies.
Anonymous said…
Baby clothes are a dangerous thing to shop for--too many too cute outfits.
Why is it that the basics with the cleanest lines cost the most? I can look at 5 purses or 6 sweaters and always find myself drawn to the most expensive one--the cheap stuff never looks as gorgeous to my eye and that's before looking at the tags.
Paola said…
No coat?!?