across the world

Only two posts and I'm back home in my bed. I have to say: this amazes me. I got up this morning, finished the packing, tidied up and took the trash away. We piled all of our things into the cars and set off for the airport. And here I am. A short hop from Amsterdam to London, London for as long as it took to find the plane and then a long flight home. It was very nearly comfortable (British Air, a, seemingly, new plane, smaller than the one we took over.) and W met us at the airport with our car.
I have toilet stories and cheese stories and cousin stories and, well, lots of things to tell, but I'm tired and happy and am going to bed.
I'll put together a nice big post tomorrow. With pictures!


raych said…
Paola said…
It's rather surreal indeed.
Pics: yes!
Unknown said…
Glad your flight home was uneventful/ borderline pleasant. Welcome back to the States! Looking forward to hearing about the rest of your overseas adventures.