an unusual exchange

On Mar 13, 2011, at 2:24 PM, Leah Scherschel wrote:
Hi there,

I was reading Say La Vee when I came across the Costco post. Such a great store! Lol, your observation about expiration date notes I have seen too. And I do think that is true about Sun Chips, sad that the noise of a bag overrode the attempt to be green. However, I never did hear the bag in person…maybe it was completely intrusive?  I have a cookie client, Donsuemor, that I think you would be interested in, it is right up the alley of busy moms.

·         What is Donsuemor? A delicious and wholesome cookie and tea cake bakery, that prides itself on the finest all natural ingredients. It is the mission of Donsuemor to surprise and delight everyday with our desserts. You might have seen our cookies in some coffee shops or specialty stores.  
·         Why moms love it. Besides being an all natural cookie and lightly sweet, they are great for kids (not messy). Not only are they great in recipes, they are also elegantly simple by themselves.
·         Perfect for Mother’s Day recipes. Here is a how to video on a delicious parfait made with our cookies.

I would love to send you some samples, and work something out for a giveaway. Let me know if this interests you, thank you!

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Hi Leah,

Thank you so much for offering to send samples and offer a giveaway on behalf of your cookie client. I'm afraid I'm going to pass but wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I appreciate the fact that you actually READ MY BLOG. 
I get dozens of offers each week (sometimes each day) and while I realize that not every PR person has the time to tailor their pitch to me specifically, I admire the fact that you actually read me before you pitched.
Good for you, Leah.
I'm hopeful your efforts will be rewarded with the press you deserve.




Terese said…
I checked out the cookies. Im wondering if they ship to Australia? Could be great for my next bookclub get together? I'm all for the giveaway -
Anonymous said…
do your boys know you said "no" to cookies?

sorry, having trouble getting my head around this one :)

Anonymous said…
So that's someone's job? To read blogs all day to find opportunities for product giveaways/promotions? As obnoxious as that sort of is, sign me up.

The Coffee Lady said…
I had an exchange like this only the other week. He wanted me to do a paid text link, which I don't do, but I did so appreciate the effort he put in.

Because those people who offer me baby car seats? Where exactly on my blog do they find evidence of a baby to put in them?