an unusual and wonderful announcement

Here's an interesting thing:
I have been nominated as one of the Top 25 Funny Moms by Circle of Moms.
Click here if you'd like to vote for me.
Or, if you'd prefer, there's a button over there >.

I'm fascinated and honored by this nomination as I am not a typical "mommy blogger." My boys are grown ups (though they still don't sleep through the night) and I've been around for an awfully long time (coming up on seven years). And including me in a list with women I've read for...well, forever, is amazing to me.

Go. Vote!
Such a thing!


Paola said…
And that is exactly why I am voting: you're not the typical mommy blogger.
Eleanor said…
What Paola said.

By the way,your link didn't work for me but the button on the right did.
blackbird said…
Wah lah.

alice c said…
I'm on the case.
Hilary said…
I voted!
Joan said…
What Paola and Eleanor said. We, your faithful readers, are not "typical mommy blog readers" either, I daresay!