It's sad for me to admit it but I seem to be gravitating toward reading the paper on line.
(Some months ago there was a newspaper reporter in my office, meeting people and writing a piece. He said to each and every person he met: please read the paper paper! And now I cannot stop thinking about him.)
The thing is, I can skip to my favorite writers and sections and I don't have to carry the paper, which is unweildy on the train and has sections I don't care about (another tough thing to admit).
Still, though, there is nothing like relaxing with the Sunday paper...and they've just re-designed it.
All this to say that I'm stressed and busy this week and this moved me and you should read it.
Also, it's Survivor night!
I'm going to watch it (K is making shepherd's pie) but I'm not sure I'm going to post on it.
(Yesterday, in the ladies room at work, I overheard two co-workers chatting animatedly about Survivor. I was so excited!)

I'll talk to you later.


Anonymous said…
I read a paper paper. But I understand why people don't.
Crazy Mom! said…
I saw that article too. It was GREAT.

I don't subscribe to the Times, but I read it online voraciously. (My local paper is fit only for the bottom of a birdcage.)

Subscribe to the weekend edition. Then you can have your cake & eat it too.
Paola said…
Now that's a story.
Live and learn.
We read the paper paper every day bought at the newspaper shop down my house.
Amy A. said…
Angels in disguise, I say. :)
Terese said…
Its true I read the nytimes online, and I also drive 20km to a bookstore that gets paper copies of the weekend edition each week. I have no idea what the news is about but I love the books section and seeing whats on in the cinema. Northern beaches gal.
Anonymous said…
The Paper paper is a topic I can talk about for hours, but wont. But that story is wonderful. I have worked in several careers where I come into a lot of contact with individuals. More often than not I am disappointed with the way people here in the US treat each other. I very much like a sentence uttered by the Dalai Lama, when asked to define his religion he said 'my religion is very simple, my religion is kindness'. I think in general we could all be a little more kind to each other, and a little less locked into 'our world'. Every time I do something for someone out of kindness with no other motive, it is repaid to me in some wonderful way. Which is what the man was saying at the end of that wonderful story. Thanks for posting it.

Anonymous said…
Today, you: tomorrow, me. I loved that.

I have always hated the paper paper. WHY it's so giant is beyond me. It would be way more manageable if it were the size of a magazine. I hate the ads. It's inky. The ONLY thing I like about it is the X-word.
Scot said…
Great story. I believe in karma and that sounds like a good karma story to me.
There's no way that story would have been in the gazette - one the Colorado Springs newspapers. the gazette is such a crap newspaper they sell advertizing BEFORE the front page on Sundays. They put a tiny half page IN FRONT of page one! Can you believe that. Plus they put the sports section before the local news.
I live in a town with FIVE military bases. The 4th Infantry Division is located here. They've fought in Iraq and Afganistan. They pour millions of dollars into our local economy yet the gazette puts the sports section BEFORE the local news section. PLUS, for reasons unknown, the gazette no longer flies the American flag in front of their building. and people wonder why paper papers are shutting down.