The thing is.
We had the college entrance exam tutor at the house tonight, for Youngest. It was great to see him again with his bearded hippie looks and mild manners. Have I told you about the college entrance exam tutor? I'm going to now.
Five (?) years ago, when it was time for Middle to take the college entrance exam, I polled my mom-friends for the name of the local tutor. It's a tough exam but not because of the material - it's more because of how the material is presented. There's a method and scheme to it and once a student sees the method and scheme, the exam itself is far less challenging. Anyway, I got the name of the local tutor (there's a class at the high school too, but it costs the same amount of money as a tutor and kids don't get individualized attention) and made arrangements and brought Middle to see him one afternoon.
I think that was the first time since pre-school and the last time ever that I saw Middle near tears. When I picked him up after an hour with the tutor he was demoralized and upset. The tutor had scoffed at his practice scores and used humiliation as a prompt to do better. This teaching philosophy worked for many but only served to alienate my Middle. I researched again and found this guy: a musician who tutors kids who study music and the arts. Perfect fit! Soft-spoken, adorable and fun, he and Middle clicked and Middle's scores increased enough to aid his entry into Art School. (And we all know how that ended!) Tonight we welcomed him back to tutor Youngest, whose English scores were very very high but whose Math scores need some boosting. They came upstairs smiling, with Youngest eager to do more work.
What does this all mean for Survivor?
It means dinner was at 8:00 and I sat down to watch the vote at Tribal Council.
It was between Stephanie and Serita. Who went?
Mom: too bad, I think she was cute.
Me: I think she was a bitch.
Mom: Well, there's something to that!
           I don't think Redemption Island is an island at all.
Me: No! It's just Over There!


Suse said…
Ouch. My youngest had a new teacher this year (don't get me started) who used humiliation and rudeness to supposedly motivate the children. The parents rallied on day 3 and by day 5 he was sacked.

Totally unacceptable.

I love the mental picture of Youngest coming upstairs smiling and eager. Bravo.

KPB said…
OH MY - I remember when that was all happening with Middle. Was it really that long ago? OHMYOHMY.
The Coffee Lady said…
I had a teacher like that. There was a rather unpleasant incident with nightdress fabric that I don't like to remember.
Anonymous said…
Stories about perfect teachers always make me smile. thanks for making me smile.
We might have to fly him to FL as a GRE tutor for Sorority Girl.
Humiliation as a teaching tactic has always made me crazy.
Amy A. said…
I'm thinking your mom might have a pretty fun blog, if she ever were to start one.
Paola said…

blackbird said…
Only three years!
Anonymous said…
Yes, I thought they were closer in age than that. If my math-related dunce cap is something my children inherited, I may have to seek out someone nice like this guy when the time comes. Because I will be of no assistance to them.

Anonymous said…
I don't think humiliation ever works in a positive way. I left my eldest in a grade five class with a prick like that, and I will regret it for the rest of my days. Good for you for moving on QUICKLY.

Unknown said…
Glad you realized it was only three years ago. I, too, remember when it was all going down and couldn't believe it'd been that long ago.

I've definitely AGED at least five years over the past three, but let's not get into that right now...

Still, yay for happy test prepping!