Is Phillip the new Russell?
Did I love the domino tile challenge?
Did I feel sorry for Russell for just a second?
Are we ready for my new hair color?

Tonight on Survivor: it's raining, Phillip is pontificating, and he's snuggling up to Rob.
In the morning people are in their underwear and hanging laundry out to dry.
Rob is very irritated with Phillip but pleased as his quirky behavior takes "the heat" off Rob. Maybe he needs to stay, Rob tells us.

Zapatera, which is the purple tribe with the farmer guy, are catching fish in a big net and grilling. They seem pretty tight. They get news of a challenge on Redemption Island and vote on who gets to watch it. Stephanie and that blond girl go. (That's a hint about my new hair color.)
Matt will battle Kristina.
They must build a puzzle in the shape of a cube.
They get close to winning but must start over.
It's a tough puzzle - Matt pulls it out rather suddenly and solves it.
The girls confess that their tribe is divided and say that they'd be willing to join Rob's team.
Kristina is applauded for her efforts and leaves the game. Her buff burns as dramatic music plays.

Youngest is home from rehearsal. He's in a play at school and loving it. He's also enjoying the girls in bikinis at Phillips camp, while Phillip scratches his back with a stick and discusses a three way alliance with Andrea and Matt. He's plotting against Rob.

The Zapatera ladies debate how much to tell their team but are clear on their alliance with Rob. We hear that there is no strategy since Russell is gone. Mike isn't worried. Julie is wary, but she's been cautious since the start.

There's a big maze challenge to play. We like mazes. One person will be the caller while everyone else is blindfolded through the maze to find puzzle pieces. Someone will be sent to Redemption Island, one team will get everything needed for morning coffee.
Both teams seem confident.
Stephanie and Rob will be the callers and puzzle solvers at the end.
After hard maze work both Rob and Stephanie start the puzzles but Rob loses a tile and doesn't realize.
Suddenly he sees the missing piece but the puzzles are long...lots of words!
Rob wins with "The Sweet Taste Of Victory."
It's tough to be Stephanie.

Donuts look good, don't they? Hence the Sweet Taste.
Phillip wants a massage.
Grant and Rob see that there is a clue in the coffee. They make a football play and sneak off with the clue. Grant takes the coffee quickly back to camp and Rob makes off with the clue to hide it. Rob swaps it out for the original clue which was vague. He brings it to Grant and they hide this useless clue together.
Rob says, you have to hustle if you want to make a dollar and I, for the first time, have a crush on him.

Middle waltzes through the living room and points out that Stephanie is, like 15.

Julie tells us that Krista has the big target on his back. Sarita would like David to go but will be happy with Stephanie or Krista out. Stephanie argues for Steve to go. Krista realizes that either she or Stephanie will go home, she tells us that the team is not thinking ahead.

Jeff talks first to Krista at Tribal Council. Krista gripes about the team, says they aren't playing the game. Sarita disagrees. Mike complains about Krista not being a team player. Steve calls Stephanie out for playing the challenge badly.

Oldest saunters through with giant rice crispie treats.

Stephanie and Krista hold hands while the votes are read. Steve and Krista get votes. Krista goes to Redemption Island.


Jenny said…
I love these. I also love the multi-shaded new hair color.
Anonymous said…
I've had a crush on Rob since the first time I saw him. When he said that line though, I had to say out loud, "Gawd, I love that guy."