14 minutes in, and all we need to know: Russell is done.

As much as I like that he is out, I feel a pang as he cries.
He forces Ralph to show the Idol and feels triumph over that...but is Ralph lying?
Phillip thinks he does.
It doesn't matter what kind of trouble he tries to stir up, he's done.

Rob pretends he has a poop problem and goes searching for the Idol. He looks like a madman while his teammates think he's "relieving himself."
Finally he spots it in a tree, up high...and returns to camp "feeling better."

Russell's team are amazed that he's gone but feel vindicated in sending him away.

Phillip wants to keep the fact that Ralph has the Idol a secret. He works on his alliance with Kristina. Kristina acts like she agrees but withholds her opinion.
Phillip brings Rob and that other guy off to the beach to tell them what really happened - who the leader of the other team is and who's got the Idol.
(Yes, I'm capitalizing Idol tonight.)
Rob gets pissed at Phillip for wanting to keep Kristina as an ally.
Grant (the other guy) and Rob no longer trust Phillip after he tells them what went down on Redemption Island (also with caps).

It's time for a challenge and it sounds like a building challenge. Can the purple team win for real?
Have I mentioned the appearance of new bathing suits?
The winners get a barbecue set.
It's a thrilling contest and the purple team wins. Farmer Ralph does some crowing...which means that Rob's team loses and I feel badly about it. I like him and the way he's playing.

The winners enjoy a barbecue and Ralph is mildly repulsive.
No one envies the opposing team and what is ahead of them but they have Phillip and Phillip is holding a tribe meeting.  Rob points out (to us) that no one likes Phillip and his teammates confirm it.
Skinny girl in yellow bikini speculates as to whether Kristina has the Idol and tells Rob about her strange behavior. Rob feels Phillip is less of a threat than Kristina and instructs the tribe to split the vote between Kristina and Phillip. Grant disagrees and wants Phillip out. (I'm proud to have learned Grant's name.)
If Rob is in control, he tells us, Phillip will go.
Phillip has a plan for Tribal too...

Jeff asks Kristina about being in the hot seat again. She says she's determined to stay. Natalie (oh! that's her name) says Kristina is nice! Rob takes command and explains that Kristina was not, until now, a team player. Kristina says that Phillip should go. He and Kristina have a little altercation. Phillip states his case for respect and Kristina explains her position.
Who goes?
Off to Redemption Island she goes. If she can beat Matt.
It's a good twist.


Scot said…
Does this mean we don't have to see this creepy guy on the previews again? Or is there some magic golden monkey's balls idol he found earlier in the game that will get him back in the game and on my tv?
Anonymous said…
Thanks! Our plans for having friends over to watch it (as we usually do) fell through. So you, my friend, have just saved me approximately 45 minutes of preciaious evening time--time that I would have spent watching the On Demand version. Now I don't have to. A little torn about Russell though. Sigh. Oh well.