So! It's quite a week!
Today, at work, we had a power surge (which blew the "core switch") and an HVAC malfunction. And I'm pretty sure that 80% of the staff asked to take a meeting with my boss "before the end of the week."
Remind me to tell you about the paper shoes, okay? Don't forget.

Right around now, in the Survivor season, I find that Jeff does a recap and I have no clue on earth what he's talking about. And here I am, listening to Jeff do his recap.
Rob is very powerful. So is Russell. Tootsie Pops are my new love!

It's night 5 and Matt goes to Redemption Island. Francesca is surprised. She thought Phillip would be arriving. Matt is upset by being blindsided.

At Rob's camp, he's very excited that Phillip did the right thing, that Kristina has played the idol and that Matt is gone. An alliance has been built with him, Phillip, and two girls (don't know their names).

Back at Redemption Island in the morning, Francesca and Matt get mail about a duel.
Some members of each tribe go to Redemption Island as well, to watch the duel.
I'll tell you, Rob has a tough job on this show. He's controlling all the action on his team.
As my mother says: oh, this is a whole mitzvah!
The challenge on the island is a big deal and Francesca and Matt are ready to battle.
The players build a pole, retrieve keys and open locks. The first person through the locked door stays on the island.
Francesca does well but stumbles toward the end of the key retrieval part of the test.
Matt begins to catch up.
I want Francesca to win and she is ahead!
Then Matt pulls ahead.
He has locks open.
He wins and Francesca goes home.
She has to toss her buff in the fire and leave.

Why are we not seeing what's going on at Russell's camp?
Rob apologizes to Andrea and assures her that she's in their alliance. She doesn't believe him and has a little cry about what has happened.

Steve tells Russell and his team what happened at Redemption Island. Steve is plotting to get Russell out and Russell knows it's three against six, but he's confident...and he's looking hard as hell for the idol. Ralph reminds us that he has the idol and that it's his game.
Russell and his girls pretend that one of the girls have the idol. Stephanie acts like she has it and won't put her bag down. Steve sees through this pretty quickly.

Battle Los Angeles? I'm so glad it's their turn to deal with aliens! (So sue me.)

Oh! Good! Russell has an armpit rash! We get to see it!
The men make a pact to get him out as soon as possible.
Steve proposes the team throw a challenge so he can be sent home.
Julie is torn but they decide to signal each other - one thumbs up means they are throwing it.

Time for the Immunity Challenge.
Three people are strapped to a water wheel - I know this one. It's gross and interesting and hard.
Winners get some camp comforts with their immunity.
Russell's team choose their players and to throw the challenge.
They tell Julie to miss the bucket but she doesn't feel good about it.
She misses spitting water into the bucket.
Rob's team pulls ahead, just as planned.
Russell's team catches up...can they make it look like they messed up?
They cheer for Dave but he seems stumped with the puzzle which is the second part of the challenge.
Rob wins and his team celebrate.
Russell looks like he suspects the throw. Or it's edited that way. Nope - he knows: I'm dealing with a bunch of bitches, he tells us.

After the challenge, Rob gets to thinking about where the Immunity Idol could be. He isn't the only one. Everyone is looking for it at his camp.
He sees Phillip sitting in a chair they won and it's crooked. He tells Phillip to get up and sees the clue for the idol in the chair. There before him is a clue. I have to say, he does a wonderful job narrating and we are behind him.

I will, at this juncture, point out, again, that everyone has been given swimsuits. This makes K crazy - that they aren't discussing it and are no longer wearing their underwear.
Russell is pissed about the challenge and realizes he needs one person to flip their vote to stay alive.
He sends one of his girls to speak to Julia about the vote.
Julia wavers. If she sticks with Russell, she thinks, he might take her to the top - to the end.
She tells Russell she trusts him. There is ominous music!

It's time to vote.
Jeff talks to the team about the division in the tribe.
Mike says the tribe has some fat that needs to be trimmed off.
Stephanie speaks up about throwing the challenge.
Steve denies it.
Stephanie spends a lot of time defending Russell.
Ralph says something we cannot understand.
Jeff warns them that as a divided team they will not do well in a merge.
But they vote...some for Russell, some for Ralph, some for Stephanie.
Who goes?
It's a three way tie!
Stephanie, Russell and Stephanie.
There's another vote. Mom is very upset.
Jeff never asks if anyone has the idol!
Jeff counts the votes. Russell goes!
The team is thrilled (and so am I!) and he leaves for Redemption Island.
Will this bite them in the ass?
It just might.


Scot said…
hOPEFULLY THAT MEANS WE WON'T HAVE TO SEE HIM IN THE (SHIT!) commercials anymore. I don't watch Survivor but I don't like this guy, just based on the Survivor ads.
Well done to that team. Yay!
Lucille said…
Paper shoes?
blackbird said…
Stephanie, Russell, who?