a surprise date

My IRL pal D emailed me this morning...did we want to see Leo kottke in concert?
She has tickets she cannot use and so K:

arranged a dinner for the menfolk
brought the scooter to the station
is meeting me downtown

and we'll have a date!

More later.


Crazy Mom! said…

I'm so jealous!

Have a great time.
Ooooo. I just looked at his schedule and he'll be in Orlando in April.
Anonymous said…
That video is OLD! LK has a fair bit of salt&pepper going on in his hair now. I saw him a couple years ago in the local theater (seats 260 people) and had seats in the front row. I bet he is more, er, formal/professional when you see him (for better or worse). Love his music.
Paola said…
At the risk of sounding the dumb of this blog community I don't know the guy.
But Bb, a surprise is a surprise and I love it! You got to have a date with your sweet K, that's all that matters to me.

(and he prepared dinner for the guys before leaving, COME ON!!!, how better that THAT does it get)
Anonymous said…
What a boon. A surprise date sounds lovely.