seen and heard

I did some lounging last weekend.

This had me cheering -

This had me wistful -

This cracked me up -

This kind of stunned me.

You can still vote for me.

I'm not surprised when I look in the mirror but I keep finding white hairs on my black sweaters and thinking whose hair is this?


Crazy Mom! said…
I came to work and found my black shirt covered in white hairs.

They're all cat hairs. (I'm fortunate not to have any need to color my hair!)

And - I voted for you, of course
Alysha in Seattle said…
The Positano video just made a grey Seattle Monday morning so much better. I'll dream about that all day long.
Anonymous said…
Those Italians--imagine living there.
The candy wrappers made me think of Mad Magazine!
Still voting.
Bet you'll double-take on your reflection for months.
Paola said…
Lately blogger eats my comments ... hmmm ... anyway I just tried to explain that living here it's not always like being in that video, nosirrieno, although it is a gorgeous place to come on vacation so do come and I'll be happy to see you (again, if it's you my blonde birdie).
Eleanor said…
You're number 12!!!
Anonymous said…
Paola, when I win the lottery and EAT MY WAY ACROSS EUROPE, I'm comming by. They DO have rickshaws there, right? Good Lord Honey, it looks like you do ALOT of climbing!
Scot said…
I forgot to add my name/
Its me,
Paola said…
And I'll be so happy to meet you Scot. No need to win the lottery though ... keep an eye for promo tickets!

WF Date ... it's a DEFINITE sign!
Amy A. said…
I shared the human tower on my FB page, and I love the Positano video. I like how we entered and ended on the boat. Very nice.