After coffee in bed (are you hearing the Squeeze song Black Coffee In Bed?) we went out on a date. To Costco.
Actually, that isn't completely true - first we went to the garden center as K has become a little obsessed with making hot sauce and wants to grow his own peppers. He ran in to buy seeds whilst I called E. There was a flower show at the garden center and I wanted to point out to her that we could save ourselves a trip to Holland! I also had to tell her about the sunroof in our new car. That's the punchline on that story, there is no sunroof in our new car. I got into it last night and told K that I was pleased that they fixed the leak in our sunroof and he rolled his eyes upward to the ceiling of the Jeep and said: yeah, they fixed that.
Costco. Why? This.

My absolutely adorable (no, I've never laid eyes on him) blogless pal, Scot, sent me a jug of this stuff and we are itching to use it ASAP.



What else did see?


A six hundred dollar pool. K pointed to it and laughed and a guy walking past us entreated us to buy two!


Why the huge expiration note, Costco? It's like they are some kind of biohazard. (Meanwhile, my boys tell me that Sun Chips withdrew their biodegradable bag from the market because it was too noisy. True?)


I am very fond of the shelf-bra camisole, but I call them undershirts. I had to move heaven and earth (okay, many large boxes) to find a couple of small ones.

Sadly, Costco did not have any of these -


Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton handbag. Damn.
It's not really a problem. I don't have a winning lottery ticket.


tut-tut said…
I've never been inside a Costco, but I do covet that bag
blackbird said…'s a nice one, isn't it?
The expiration date on the Sun Chips is for little old ladies like my Mom who buy things in bulk because it will last THE REST OF THEIR LIVES.
When I emptied her Florida house I found stuff in her pantry that was bought in match the gigantic bottle of Aleve that she bought in 2001.

Didn't you buy the Costco sized bag of Cape Cod Chips?
Paola said…
I ADORE Costco. It's a must go trip whenever I am in your neck of the woods. All is giant, and I can purchase my son's dream: the 5lbs M&M's bag. That is the only thign he requests from the US.
Bless his little heart.
Hilary said…
Ah, Costco... It wouldn't be a weekend without a trip to Costco for me. I don't know how two people feel the need to shop there weekly, but we do. We were there yesterday, and sadly, are heading back today so my husband can switch the 5 shirts he purchased for a smaller size....I predict next week we will be returning them all for good...
Grandma Cebe said…
I bought a beef brisket at Costco this week as well. It is currently marinading in my homemade sauce before I put it in the oven to slow cook for 5 hours. I'll have to check out Claude's sauce though next time.
ssheers said…
Yes, it's true about Sun Chips's biodegradable bag.
Jen on the Edge said…
Yes, it's true that Sun Chips in the so-called compostable bags were not sold for a while because of how unbelievably loud the bags were. They're back now, but I haven't tested them for loudness.

(I said "so-called" with regards to the composting factor because some studies were done that showed the bags will not actually break down in home composters -- only commercial ones and it was an iffy proposition at that. I did some tests myself and have to agree that "compostable plastics" do not in fact do that.)
Anonymous said…
Costco looks intimidating. I've never been in one, but those expiration warnings would make me nervous.
Caterina said…
I still HAVE a SunChip bag (unopened). And, yes, VERY LOUD.

I love, LOVE that song!!! -- Black Coffee In Bed
Anonymous said…
Thanks for writing about this. Have you heard the good news that Frito Lays has decided to replace its noisy Sun Chips bag. Something else that's related to it is this video I saw on the GreenopolisTV youtube channel. Check it out.