Saturday Sunday tra la la

Where was I?
I'll be happy to have this voting business done with, I'll tell you that. It's clear that I am one of the top 25 funniest moms on the internet now that The Circle Of Moms has said so, which is, on it's own, kind of funny to me as I don't see myself as a mommy blogger. But you know that.
What did I do this weekend?
Well, I'm parked in front of a fire with a a glass of wine and the Bourne Identity right now.
Poor Clive Owen.
I love the Bourne movies you know. I adore Franka Potente.
What else?
I've been browsing the internet for a dress to wear to a wedding party.
I'd really like this


but it's terribly expensive. Before the belt.


I'll have a nice bag to go with, thank you...

Marc Jacobs

I don't have a "good" bag and I should as I've seen what daily wear and tear do to accessories in the working world. I bought a bag for $65 about a month ago and the lining is falling apart. Perhaps I'll ask for a "good" bag for Christmas.
I've worn out shoes, a coat, two watch straps...I could go on, but I won't. It's a different life with different requirements.

Isn't this a lovely sphinx? 


I know, it's a non sequitur. Just go with it.


Could I rock this top for the wedding party? Can you, possibly, ignore the headband? Difficult, isn't it?

dinner also

Dinner. Saturday. Wonderful.
The five of us, sitting around, laughing and eating. I'm hungry now.


These boots


are on sale at FreePeople. Go get em, cause they're cool.


I've seen lots of good layers whilst browsing.


I need to remember these outfits when I get dressed tomorrow.


And I could pack some Holland things for K...

guy layering

I wear this outfit! all. the. time. (Okay. Without the tie.)

My hair?


A lot of people call it blonde. I say it's pretty damn grey.
It's terribly dry but I love it.


alice c said…
I am not sure that the glitter headband will go with your new hair. Sorry to disappoint.
Jan said…
Mmmm...shabu shabu!
Love the polka dot dress....
NorahS said…
You oculd definitely rock the top for the wedding party. Your hair is lovely.
Yoli said…
Lovely blog you have here.
Scot said…
I don't know if those are carrots OR sweet potatoes on your dinner table but sweet potatoes go really well with shabu. So does celery.
That guy looks like he hasn't finished dressing. If you're going to wear a tie with a buttoned down collar, BUTTON THE COLLAR! I do like his jacket (sports coat?) though.
Cool belt. How much?
The girl who has her hand in her pocket - those are the coolest shoes you've ever shown on this site!
Anonymous said…
if you want to be GREY, get the right shampoo (um, I think shampoo is key, not so much the conditioner, but might be wrong).

Aveda's Blue Malva is one rec'd, but just get the right shampoo, or it will be more yellow than you wish it to be.

BTW it looks great, and you will rock the grey!
Paola said…
That outfit is LOVELY.
As you are. I really really liek the hair.
blackbird said…
oh, I've got the blue shampoo...believe me.
Aimee said…
Blackbird, if your hair is really dry from the colorist, buy a jar of cholesterol at the pharmacy or grocery store... It's in the African American hair care section (the brand that I buy is Queen Helene). Using it once a week helps hydrate colored hair really well. I leave it in for 45 minutes with Saran wrap and a warm towel wrapped around my head. Voilà, smooth shiny non-dried out hair!
Jen on the Edge said…
Your hair looks wonderful.
Anonymous said…
I think you hair looks fantastic. Seriously. I guess I have a thing for women with gray hair and men with *naturally* bald heads. Love them both.

I am going to make it my mission in life today to send you some pictures of dress options today.

Hilary said…
if you hair is dry, try using Moroccanoil

It brings the shine back to your hair, as well as helps it get healthy again. I LOVE this product!
Paula said…
I wish I could dye my hair blond so the grey could grow out faster (it wants to go reddish instead of blondish). But I am letting the grey streaks get wider and wider, so it'll happen eventually. Your's looks lovely!
MsCellania said…
What about that fellow's don't call it shampoo product - Wenn? Or whatever the name is. Too bad you have to sign up for monthly delivery or I would've already tried it. My hair is TERRIBLY dry and fly away right now - 6% humidity will do that. I do like your hair. A Lot.
KPB said…
1. Am late to the commenting party. Apologies. I'm an Australian Blogging Superstar now. Busy busy busy.


3. Where are all those women striding to?

4. I year to be able to have a belt just sort of hang there - as opposed to being held up, or under, by my middle.

5. I'm unsure about that outfit - it reminds me a bit of the Julie Roberts outfit in Pretty Woman when they're at the polo and his finance guy (aka George Costanza) reveals he knows who she is.