I know it's early but I am giving serious thought to what to bring to Holland.  I'm sure you aren't surprised.


Honestly and truly, I am going to bring: one pair of jeans, one dress, one skirt and three tops. I'll have one cardigan with me and my coat and two pairs of shoes.

with shorts chloe

I'm packing my greenish/blueish warm scarf, my grey lacy scarf and wearing my black pashmina on the plane.


I *might* order new black flats before I go. We'll see.


I'm telling each boy to pack three outfits.
We've rented two cars, two European cars, so we won't have much room for luggage.

Office-mate D, who has just returned from China, took this photo of my Chinese counterpart, on the train.



Lucille said…
Do you think your packing list would do for Japan? It would save me thinking.
eurolush said…
Never too early to start planning what to wear in your travels. Please don't forget your wooden shoes.

Love the photo of your Chinese counterpart. Obviously, it's more than just looks that tie you two together. She also appears to be just as sassy as you.
Miz S said…
I realize I am WAY OUT OF THE LOOP these days...but what's this about Holland? The whole family is going to Holland? Wow! That sounds awesome.
Hilary said…
No paper shoes? Your honest packing sounds just like mine. I am the queen of the minimalistic carry-on bag....
Paola said…
WHy two cars? Can't you rent a 7 seat car and happily drive aroudn together since you'll be travelling so light?
Chinese Bb looks fine indeed, uh?
But no where as fine as the one and only, the real thing.
Anonymous said…
You pack well.
Anonymous said…
Such restraint. Good for you! And I am hoping your outfits look like those.

Terese said…
I am copying your list for future reference. Good on you for taking what is just enough. You and your family will have a great time. I can't wait for the travel posts. are the boys and K travelling light too? I predict you will make some cool fashion purchases in Amsterdam.
Wendy said…
If one of my girls channels your style I now know what she'll look like.
Caterina said…
Excluding the last one, those women look very angry.

My father used to work for the airlines, so we travelled a lot when I was kid. We flew stand by and my father would insist we pack light. I remember a trip to Italy and everything I packed fit in my carry-on :)