men are Toast(ed)

The Men Of Toast return!

The Colonel had many of them was Young Phillipe...

something seemed amiss.

Or, was it A Miss?

Was this really Phillipa? Steven's younger sister?

Steven, a man of few expressions, was skeptical.

He hadn't seen his sister in years. Some believed it was this familial problem that left him pensive.
And expressionless.


The situation was explained to Joseph, who wore espadrilles.

When pressed, on the matter of the espadrilles, Joseph became sullen.

And a little angry.
Joseph made "Yoga Thumbs" to try and "center" himself.

In the end, he had no opinion on the Phillipp(a)(e) question but many theories on the broken iron.

The Colonel wondered too, about the iron. His collection of scarves was suffering.

They would never know the truth...but, really, who does?


--V said…
Steven looks like he hasn't combed his hair in weeks.
Anonymous said…
Belly laughing. I'd be a huge Toast fan if you wrote the captions.
eurolush said…
You're killing me.
Joseph has forgotten the style rule that you shouldn't wear denim on top and bottom at the same time.
But I do like the espadrilles.
NorahS said…
Once again, brilliant!
Lucille said…
I was worrying about her too when I flipped through the catalogue today. You can only cover up so much with patch pockets and braces - hence the baggy jacket.
Jen said…
Blackbird, I heart you
RW said…
I nearly choked with laughter because I was drinking and reading at the same time.

Anonymous said…
I heart you/this too. So funny, and perfect. I think they really ARE thinking those things.

Paola said…
You have an alternative career, it's obvious.
Care to pursue it?
darah said…
Made. My. Day. And I'm vaguely concerned that the colonel's pants are slightly paper bag waistedish. Am I alone in this?
blackbird said…
You are not alone in this Darah. I have noted the paper bag waistedness of the pants.
Also, his jacket is too small.
Joan said…
1. Love. You. To pieces. This has been the funniest thing I've read in a long, long time.

2. Phillip(a) is actually Tilda Swinton's sibling. ;o)
alice c said…
The Colonel is wearing a scarf to cover the line where his head is screwed onto his body. It offers gender re-allocation if required.
Unknown said…
I ADORE your Toast posts. They make life infinitely more entertaining.

And that's not an exagnamf (my WV)
tut-tut said…
I miss paperbag waistedness of the 1980s. I want it back
Anonymous said…
I covet the color of Joseph's sweater in his first photo, and I thought wrinkled scarves were currently fashionable. Just goes to show how much I don't know.
The Coffee Lady said…
I am concerned about the men of Toast. All their furniture is gone. Was it burnt? Are they living some kind of well-dressed, post-apocalyptic existence?

Joseph is obviously in charge, because he has The Chair.