homework and hair

pelican case

Youngest had an assignment for photography class.


He used Middle's shoes as marks.

self portrait

They moved the furniture out of the dining room and he shot self portraits.

Today is a big day for me.I've had a consult with my hair guy and he's making me blond so I can grow out my gray hair.


Not pink but kind of a white-blond I think (and I like this cut).

I'm very nervous - more so about the blond than the grey.

He says it will take about a year to grow it out...let's be encouraging, shall we?
I'm sick to death of coloring my hair all these years.

girls in glasses/w my haircut


Wendy said…
Oh sure, just when I break down and color mine darker, you get all brave.

I think it'll look fantastic. As you always do.
I just wrote something on my blog about my hair. I want to grow out the grey, but I ended up coloring my roots again this week. I would do it if I had more grey, but it's not grey enough yet...too blah. I also need a good trim.
Jen on the Edge said…
I can see you rocking the blonde and (later on) gray hair.
Anonymous said…
I think this is a wonderful plan. I LOVE gray hair. So chic, so lovely.

Anonymous said…
Change is afoot! No! Change is ahead! (sorry, I could NOT help myself)
jordi said…
Hooray for Grey!!
I let mine go grey a couple of years ago and am still so delighted with it. It turned out to be silver and lighter than I ever would have been when I was "blonding" my hair and it looks great. Even better, on a bad day it frequently gets me a seat on the crowded subway up to my neighborhood! The jump from 59th street to 125th without stops is a LOOOONNNGGG time if you are standing
Mary said…
I have inherited my mothers Salt and Pepper kind of grey hair - but it has been so liberating to stop colouring my hair... not to mention saving me some money..
MsCellania said…
Same here.
40 YEARS of hair coloring off and on since I was 17!
I am happy for you - it's starting to be common to see natural hair here.
But I gotta say it does make them look older than their years...
The successful look with grey is slim, in shape. You fit the bill!
MsCellania said…
Post a photo!
I will cheer, I promise.
You will look - lovely.
blackdogramona said…
I am doing the same thing! I think we are on trend. After coloring for 20+ years it seems fake, too much money and time, and silver is beautiful especially if you have a stylish cut. ! My stylist is low-lighting my roots progressively less and less as it grows out. I HOPE you post a photo as it changes and maybe we fellow solver sisters can, as well.
Anonymous said…
the transition is the challenging part

the result is empowering

and if you take a look at the natural world around you, you will notice that mother nature never ever gets color wrong

welcome to the light side

Duyvken said…
Helen Mirren is so gorgeous! And I'm sure you'll be an uber-blonde.xx
Paola said…
Um, who ate my comment???
You'll look fantastic, I promise.
And if you don't, I'll tell you.